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November 2, 2021

Improving digital music royalties distribution with Greek Rightholders Association EDEM

BMAT Music Innovators and EDEM Rightholders Association join forces to power a new, improved royalties distribution model for Digital Service Providers operating in Greece. BMAT now monitor [...]

May 10, 2021

Client case study – Kiss FM x BMAT

We’re glad to have been working with Kiss FM since October 2020. We caught up with them to see how the workings of their business had changed since they started using Reportal. Here&# [...]

February 11, 2021

Client case study – SoundsLikePublishing x BMAT

Sounds Like Publishing is a leading provider of music publishing administration for music in advertising, working with global music production companies, composers and brands. We’ve been wo [...]

July 4, 2018

“Education is the key. Everybody needs to understand the flow of money” – Interview with Ben Turner

Ben Turner co-founded Muzik Magazine, he’s a director of Bestival, the International Music Summit and the Association for Electronic Music (AFEM). He’s CEO of the music manageme [...]

February 7, 2018

Razzmatazz’s Lluís Torrents – ‘Club managers like to see how the fees they pay get to the artists they play’

We chatted to the co-CEO of Razzmatazz about the importance of music monitoring in clubs like his. Lluís Torrents, co-CEO of Razzmatazz, is to Barcelona as a bassist is to a rock song. Alth [...]