November 2, 2021

Improving digital music royalties distribution with Greek Rightholders Association EDEM

BMAT Music Innovators and EDEM Rightholders Association join forces to power a new, improved royalties distribution model for Digital Service Providers operating in Greece.

BMAT now monitors the repertoire represented by Greek Collective Management Organisation EDEM after the agreement signed in March 2021.  By employing BMAT’s tech and copyright expertise, EDEM is now able to increase revenues by distributing royalties to creators with a prompt and cost-efficient tool which processes all data tied to online usages of music. Both organisations have high hopes for bringing real positive change to the Greek music landscape.  

EDEM is committed to adhering to global music industry best practices, helping rights owners monetise from all online usages of their work. BMAT provides custom solutions for over 100 Collective Management Organisations across 124 countries, pumping neutral data and authoritative knowledge to everyone along the music value chain.

“Since the Greek repertoire is largely used in music platforms which operate in Greece, EDEM sought to advance its agreements with Digital Service Providers for the licensing of represented repertoire. Our partnership with BMAT responds to the urgent need for the immediate identification of the extended online uses of music works represented by EDEM. 

Through our partnership with BMAT, EDEM offers Greek creators a fast and reliable process of data related to online uses of their works, a prerequisite for the efficient distribution of royalties deriving from online uses. Thus, EDEM saves time and resources and its rights holders receive their proper remuneration, fully documented.“ 

Louka Katseli, Director General EDEM

EDEM will rely on BMAT’s PRONTO – an end-to-end digital processing solution generating 30 billion matches every day for 17 CMOs and 6 leading publishers in Europe, Asia and North America. The music tech company will apply PRONTO’s plug-and-play capabilities to ingest metadata from leading Digital Service Providers such as Spotify, Apple Music and YouTube Music in Greece. BMAT matches the music usage data against EDEM’s repertoire to optimise royalties distribution and ensure that copyright owners get what they deserve for their works. 

“BMAT has been processing digital reports on behalf of Collective Management Organisations since 2014. We are now proud to help EDEM in their mission to efficiently collect and distribute online royalties in the fast-evolving and challenging Greek copyright landscape. 

EDEM will use PRONTO to catch all online music usages as well to ingest digital reports to claim and distribute royalties for the members of their organisation and the catalogues they represent.”

Jakue López, VP Digital at BMAT

BMAT works with all industry players to amplify the value of music – from Collective Management Organisations like EDEM, SIAE and SACEM  to Publishers such as Universal Music Publishing Group, Sony Music Publishing and Kobalt. As part of their mission to index all music usage and ownership data, BMAT also enables the automation of metadata-complete music reports from over 40 Digital Service Providers worldwide – delivering 27 billion matches and 80 million identifications every day. 

Learn more about how we’re helping CMOs step up their revenue distribution game.

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