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Spruce up your business planning and increase profitability by monitoring your music usage, tracking payments and filing necessary claims. Make the most of your current portfolio and inspire your future one.

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Monetise your plays

Know the exact usage of your works, the income you should expect, track your payments and manage your claims through our platform.


Tune up your assets

Analyse your market share so the investment made by Artist & Recordings on every title is in sync with its foreseeable usage.


Find your next icons

Use our global market insights to spot future names for your label. It’s smarter than scouting talent in pub gigs – and better for your health.

Cash in

Vericast informs you of every usage of your music in real time. This lets you know what payments to expect or claim, and eventually increase revenues.

Level up

Bring home our market share analysis in order to reconcile your A&R’s investment with actual music usages and global upcoming trends.

See stars

Use our data-fuelled insights to discover the artists that might write your next big hit.