We're a music innovation company composed of melomaniacs from around the world.


For the last 17 years we’ve been working to turn our love for music into tech and innovation excellence.

We’ve created a broad portfolio of services, we’ve grown key partnerships and gathered enormous amounts of data – all with the purpose of bettering the music ecosystem.

Today music is excitingly in bloom. And so is copyright complexity. More creators per song, more mixes per track, highly fragmented repertoires, and far more transactions than before. In short – more money, more problems knowing where it should go.

Powered by our data-pumping platform, we act as an Operating System that connects and reinforces every node in the industry. We aim to maximise the value of music to help it live forever.



From a tech hub to a TV and radio music tracking company.

We took our nerdiness and got down to business. The nerdiness remains untouched.


From a music tracking company to a data company.

We developed a metadata matching engine to help artists get paid for every play.


An Operating System for all the nodes in the industry.

We open our platform to all music companies to help them better their data operations.

Meet the whole team

We are a team of pretty decent people from all over the world who enjoy working with each other. We’re a lean, mean creative machine – an innovative bunch wanting to make positive change in the music world and, most of all, having a blast.


Career opportunities

Music lovers, code hackers and dealmakers of the world, come join us. We want to work with extraordinary and nice people.

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