We're the Operating System for the Music Industry

A platform that pumps up the jam of every play


We connect all players of the industry to amplify the value of music.

Driven by machine learning and copyright expertise, our system pumps neutral data and authoritative knowledge to everyone along the chain. Whether you make or use music, plug in to ease operations, increase earnings, and get in sync with everyone else.

Music Operating System
Music Operating System
Music Operating System
Music Operating System


Join everyone

Plugging into our platform gets you in sync with the thousands of other industry players who trust us. Our power lies in our transversal approach – multichannel, interdisciplinary, global and always neutral. 


Get supreme data

Our platform provides a steady pump of neutral, cleansed and distributable data. It’s constantly fed and updated by authoritative knowledge from our partners, reconciled and meticulously supervised by our team of experts.


Have it your way

We’ve developed over 20 apps to meet the needs of all music industry players – broadcasters, digital services, collecting societies, publishers, labels and more. We continue to expand our app suite as new user types plug into our Operating System.


Boost your earnings

We aim to accelerate the music industry by helping artists and companies like you thrive. Optimise operations in your company and increase your revenues time after time. Our many global partners mean our data and operations services are cost-effective. 


Make it right

We’re in it for the music. Today’s infinite ways for artists to reach fans come with the challenge of infinite touchpoints. We take away that complexity – delivering ease of interaction, efficiency and integrity with an Operating System aiming to help music live forever. 

The music rights industry runs on us

27 million matches

daily turn every music usage into rights

2 billion dollars

distributed every year thanks to the metadata we provide

4746 companies

around the world run on our OS

In numbers

BMAT For companies

Our Operating System connects and empowers

“BMAT has been instrumental to the success of our business. Thanks to its state of the art music fingerprinting technology, BMAT provides crucial insights into the use of our music across hundreds of sources. As a company, they have grown tremendously throughout the years we have worked together, but have never lost their flexibility and adaptability in working to accommodate our data needs. Their team is responsive, knowledgeable and an absolute joy to work with.”

Frank Huang

SVP, Economics, Global Music Rights

“BMAT have greatly supported West One Music Group’s global expansion over a number of years. The data we access from a number of markets, in particular emerging markets, is extremely valuable for our business. We consider them a huge part of our operations and really enjoy working with their knowledgeable, personable, fun team.”

Edwin Cox

West One Music Group

“We are glad to have found a service provider with BMAT, whose technology counts to the absolute top in this area.”

Ulrich Geiger

Project Management, ARD / ZDF

In good company

BMAT for Artists

Turn your talent into profit.

Plug into our Operating System and start writing your future.

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