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We invest in and acquire companies that – like us – aim to improve the music value chain through innovation. We’re specially interested in the areas of music usage data and reporting, as well as back office distribution of copyrights payments – but we’re also open to any angle into making music business more transparent, efficient and healthy. Partnering with us goes far beyond economics – it gives access to our ecosystem, technology, solutions and global reach.

The magical notes

When listening to potential partners, 3 things are music to our ears:


We invest in established companies that are profitable – as measured by positive EBITDA. They know their Ps and their Ls and have demonstrated a track record of success.

2Depth in key geographies

We put our eyes on companies with a strong presence within a region’s music industry. They are market leaders for their product line in such countries or regions – everybody in the local music business knows them.

3Tech visionaries

We’re all up for the nerds – tech-driven teams at the intersection of innovation and music. That’s where BMAT started – we spun out of the Music Technology Group at Universitat Pompeu Fabra – and we believe those teams can be the hotbed to game-changing technologies.

If you’re an innovation company with any of these 3 ingredients, first of all, kudos to you, and secondly – let’s talk.

In 2020, BMAT acquired the company Directors Gear (DG), a division of the publicly listed company SIOS. DG is the market leader for TV Broadcast music reporting in Japan. By working with BMAT, DG has been able to upgrade their service offering and ensure long term happiness of their customers.

You can read the press release here.

“From providing music to Japanese broadcasters to broadcast music reports, full
automation is just around the corner. We are entering a realm that no one can overtake.”

Seiichi Mashimo

President of Director’s Gear. Tokyo, Japan

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