Whether your digital service is global or local, whether you allow download or stream, whether you host user-generated content or serve only commercial releases, and whether you are music or audiovisual, we can help you.

Report user-generated content

Digital services allowing users to upload content are usually required to implement copyright filters. We integrate into the users' upload and ingestion chain to help them identify music copyright content and manage upload requests accordingly. We track digital music services to rescue revenues hidden under user-generated content metadata or inaccurate ownership information. We process billions of transactions monthly from all major music and audiovisual digital services. Using contextual metadata and audio fingerprint technologies we reach the highest matching ratios, even with poor metadata quality such as in user-generated content services.

Match user content

We are connected to over 40 digital music service providers, including all major global DSPs and we support a variety of standard formats as well as DSP-specifics formats. We process DSP reports from more than 85 countries. DSR matching is done against BMAT’s database of more than 72 million tracks with metadata such as ISRCs, ISWCs and contributors.

Report CCID via Pronto

BMAT’s full cycle digital distribution service Pronto offers improved efficiency and transparency all along the chain, from the reception of Digital Usage Reports to invoicing (CCID). We handle DSPs, so the reporting of the CCID is performed directly from BMAT.
Pronto is designed to perform in scalability, matching, and speed of processing. It includes state of the art algorithms for metadata retrieval and reconciliation, as well as with audio fingerprinting, which maximises asset matches versus CMO documentation.

Interact with PROs via Helix 

Helix is our tool that helps DSPs manage their relationships with PROs. It assists with music usage reporting and invoice reconciliation. Its goal is to reconcile CCIDs to detect over- and under-claims.