Multiply your music’s money-making power

Rely on us to get you paid quickly and correctly whenever your music’s used in shows, adverts, and films. We’ll be your eyes and ears—and your number 1 rights advocate.

Save time and stress less

  • We register your music with the right PROs
  • We handle all claims and back-and-forths
  • We ensure you’re paid accurately and regularly
Increase your income

  • Mark up your royalties revenues to real usage 
  • Untap unpaid usages and turn them into revenue
  • Monetise unreported or unlicensed catalogue usage
Keep it accurate

  • We catch all usages of your music and check your payouts match
  • 24/7, automatic, and global tracking of your catalogue
  • Thorough data curation for supporting claims
Get in-the-know

  • We identify the need for additional claims 
  • We submit extra claims and have back-up with PROs
  • Clear usage data from 8000 TV and radio channels worldwide
Machine learning with human expertise

  • Award-winning audio-fingerprinting and matching technologies 
  • Automatic audio identification and an extensive music database
  • Extensive knowledge, expertise, and the latest research
Trusted by the industry

  • Good relationships with 100s of PROs and industry leaders
  • Music data of all labels and publishers 
  • Industry-standard ISRCs and ISWCs

Catch all plays and make your payouts match.

We've got your back.

Ask our team

Without our rights admin team beside you

  • Missing out on usages of your music
  • Inconsistent and irregular payouts
  • Unsure when to submit additional claims
  • Unaware of the total usage of your music
  • Long conversations, misunderstandings, and back-and-forth with PROs
  • No support and a lot of wondering

With a little help from our rights admin team

  • Catch every time your music is used in sync
  • Consistently accurate and efficient payouts
  • Easily identify when additional claims are necessary
  • In the know about whenever and wherever your music is used
  • No more back-and-forth with PROs
  • Constant support and a team who fight for your rights

Why MAM BMAT? We hear you…

We’re a bunch of music innovators tracking down all music usage and rights holder data.

500 years of music in our database, alongside our audio-fingerprinting and matching technologies, powers 80 million identifications daily. We track 8200 channels 24/7 across 134 countries and keep the data flowing between all music industry players.

Audio Fingerprinting – How We Identify Songs

Audio fingerprinting is the process of digitally condensing an audio signal generated by extracting acoustic relevant characteristics of a piece of audio content. Our motto is “We hear everything everywhere and tell everyone who wants to know.” Something we don’t mention so often but we feel equally proud of is how we do it: audio…

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Joining forces with Manage Ad Music to assemble the Copyright Admin component of our Music OS

MAM BMAT is now offering a wide array of additional services, including global performance royalty administration for music, music performance monitoring and market analysis reporting.

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Lately, we’ve been named

  • Key Innovator by the European Commission’s Innovation Radar
  • Best Music Detection algorithm 2018 & 2019 by MIREX
  • Midsize Enterprise of the year Barcelona 2019 by the Spanish Chamber of Commerce