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Track music for publishers

Monitor and easily report the exact music usage in your venue to make sure the royalties reach the artists who help make your space the place to be.

Pump up your jam


Let it flow

Get accurate and metadata-complete reports to make sure the royalties generated reach where exactly they need to be.


Reach the niche

Make sure even the most niche and long-tail artists which make your venue special get paid for the use of their music.


Hear over the cheer

Catch every song that sounds no matter the style or the surrounding hustle and bustle.

“We welcome the use of reliable methods based on the latest technology – such as the one provided by BMAT – to achieve a coherent and effective distribution of copyrights, so that artists are fairly rewarded and public venues can be sure that their contribution is shared with the maximum guarantees.”

Lluís Torrents

Co-Director-CEO, Sala Razzmatazz Barcelona, Spain

“We care about music and we understand how important it is that the licenses we pay for its use in our venues, end up in the right pockets. BMAT helps us make this a reality.”

Fátima Mellado

Programming Officer, Sala Sidecar Barcelona, Spain

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