Cash in on every usage of your music.

Find and unlock missed revenues. Know where, when and how your catalogue is being used in ads and shows.

Discover Vericast
Amplify your revenues

  • Find all untapped usages and turn them into income.
  • Access real-time, worldwide usage data from over 8000 television and radio channels.
  • Renew licenses for ads that still run, expand licenses for screenings outside the original territories.
Optimise your music deals

  • Understand your markets and catalogues.
  • Approach the right networks and producers from clear usage statistics.
  • Sign more deals from potentially unlicensed, unreported or undetected usages.
Revamp your relationship with PROs

  • Automate ads claiming reports already enriched with ad codes (Competitrack ID for US).
  • Access to audio and video evidence synched with EPG data to back-up claims to your collecting reps.
  • Contextualised, time-stamped data to audit your PRO distribution reports.
Save time and money

  • Reduce manual work involved by automating reports and claims.
  • Easy-to-use, centralised dashboard to manage usages and forecast revenues.
  • Find potentially unlicensed and unreported catalogue usages and monetise them.
Trusted by the industry

  • Already helping 60 production music publishers globally.
  • A large network of CMOs agree with our industry-leading identification accuracy, and already use and trust our data.
  • Industry-standard ISRC and ISWC provided.
Machine learning with human expertise

  • Runs on automatic audio identification.
  • Delivers music data based on AI.
  • Our friendly, nerdy expert team for support.

Track your music 24/7 with Vericast so you never miss a beat.

Catch every single usage.

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Talk to one of our experts

The old way

  • Unable to forecast royalties revenues
  • Impossible to double check PRO statements
  • Difficulty knowing what happens with your music globally
  • No market intelligence to target your sales campaigns
  • Unlicensed and unreported usages missing
  • Complicated and manual claiming processes
  • Staying up all night worrying where your music is being used

The Vericast way

  • Real-time usage data reports
  • Easy auditing of CMO statements to verify
  • Global market insights and intelligence to optimise sales campaigns
  • Video and audio evidence of all usages
  • Curated info about in-show program titles, producers and advertisements from where your music was used
  • Easy claiming process with evidence to back up your claims
  • A good night’s sleep knowing every usage is being tracked

But why BMAT, we hear you ask?

We’re a bunch of music innovators indexing all music usage and ownership data.

Our proprietary audio-fingerprinting and matching technologies alongside our database of 500 years worth of music allow us to deliver 76 million identifications every day.

We have more than 15 years of experience working with all players of the music industry.

We help keep the data flowing and make sure artists get paid for their plays. We provide services to more than 8000 TV and radio broadcasters, 100 Collective Management Organisations, 1000 venues and over 80 DSPs globally.

Audio Fingerprinting – How We Identify Songs

Audio fingerprinting is the process of digitally condensing an audio signal, generated by extracting acoustic relevant characteristics of a piece of audio content. Our motto is “We hear everything everywhere and tell everyone who wants to know.” Something we don’t mention so often but we feel equally proud of is how we do it: audio…

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Music Detection with Deep Music Detector

Music detection, deep learning and our deep music detector. The definition of music is usually quite abstract, touching on the concepts of pitch, rhythm, and timbre. When we say that a sound has a particular pitch, it means that we can easily identify if the sound is high or low. Imagine you’re sitting in a…

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Lately, we’ve been named

  • Key Innovator by the European Commission’s Innovation Radar
  • Best Music Detection algorithm 2018 & 2019 by MIREX
  • Midsize Enterprise of the year Barcelona 2019 by the Spanish Chamber of Commerce