Forget music reporting obligations.

Make it simple. Automate accurate, metadata-complete music usage reports for all your TV shows and ads.

Discover Reportal TV
Save time and money

  • No more manual music reporting or cue-sheet chasing
  • We take care of all reporting processes from end to end
  • Easy-to-use, centralised and viewable dashboard
Optimise your music deals

  • Make sure you’re charged what you should be
  • Understand your music usage across catalogues
  • Make the best use of your own music library
Revamp your relationship with CMOs

  • Instant reporting to Collective Management Organisations
  • Forget format specs and calendar deadlines
  • Skip long calls and back-and-forth emails
Machine learning with human expertise

  • Runs on automatic audio identification
  • Delivers Music/Non-Music data based on AI
  • Manual editing allows traceable annotation
Evidence based reports

  • Access to video recording for verification
  • 100% auditable and accessible reports for anyone involved
  • Data is stored for as long as needed
Trusted by the industry

  • Music data of all labels and publishers
  • Industry standard ISRC and ISWC provided
  • Deployed in over 20 media companies

Let our tech do the legwork and get reports right, time after time.

How will music usage be reported in the future?

ARD ZDF audio-fingerprinting information about the music upload into the new music recognition system.

"Audio-fingerprint technology is used, which creates a digital fingerprint from an audio file in order to fully recognize the music being broadcast. For this, BMAT uses their extensive music database."

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Hand it over to us.

Talk to one of our experts

Talk to one of our experts

The old way

  • Tedious, manual process
  • Inconsistent music detection
  • Long-winded reporting
  • Unclear music usage
  • Reports available eventually
  • Missing metadata
  • Messy files, papers, documents
  • Long conversations & misunderstandings with CMOs
  • A life akin to that of your 90-year-old neighbour

The Reportal way

  • Quick, automatic process
  • Catch 98% of music
  • Streamlined reporting
  • Exact percentage of music usage
  • Reports available in real-time
  • Clean, complete metadata
  • Everything online in one place, all auditable
  • Good, easy relationship with CMOs
  • A more exciting life than your 90-year-old neighbour

But why BMAT, we hear you ask?

We’re a bunch of music innovators indexing all music usage and ownership data.

500 years of music in our database alongside our audio-fingerprinting and matching technologies powers 80 million identifications daily. We track 8200 channels 24/7 across 134 countries and keep the data flowing between all music industry players.

Audio Fingerprinting – How We Identify Songs

Audio fingerprinting is the process of digitally condensing an audio signal, generated by extracting acoustic relevant characteristics of a piece of audio content. Our motto is “We hear everything everywhere and tell everyone who wants to know.” Something we don’t mention so often but we feel equally proud of is how we do it: audio…

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Music Detection with Deep Music Detector

Music detection, deep learning and our deep music detector. The definition of music is usually quite abstract, touching on the concepts of pitch, rhythm, and timbre. When we say that a sound has a particular pitch, it means that we can easily identify if the sound is high or low. Imagine you’re sitting in a…

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Lately, we’ve been named

  • Key Innovator by the European Commission’s Innovation Radar
  • Best Music Detection algorithm 2018 & 2019 by MIREX
  • Midsize Enterprise of the year Barcelona 2019 by the Spanish Chamber of Commerce


Who's in charge of delivering the reports to CMOs?

We can handle it for you, but in the end it’s your decision. We work with more than 100 Collective Management Organisations worldwide so it’s likely we’re already friendly with yours.

Are you able to handle re-runs?

Yes. Consolidating re-runs into one single cue-sheet is very important for consistency. If you don't have reliable unique identifiers, then our metadata matching and audio-fingerprinting tech groups re-runs into single audiovisual productions.

How long does Reportal store identification data for?

As long as you need us to.

How can I check identification results?

Reportal's easy-to-use dashboard provides access to audio and video evidence of everything. You can also check the stats page to better understand the music usage across your channels.

Do you need us to send the recordings of the channels?

We set up our recording infrastructure so you don't need provide recordings. If you already have them, you can send them to us.

Is this 24/7 monitoring or on-demand cue-sheet creation?

Both. Reportal monitors channels 24/7 and creates on-demand cue-sheets based on EDL’s, video upload, audio upload or manually.

What about security?

We're fully ISO27001 certified in Information Security Management. Our platform is hosted in datacentres with 24/7 security, and the apps are deployed in private clouds protected by firewalls and connected by VPN. All access to public services is secured with SSL technologies compliant with industry standards.