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Royalties distribution for CMOs

Upgrade your revenue distribution end-to-end with accurate data, complete automated reporting and detailed insights to share with your members.

Pump up your jam


Jazz up your data

Take the amount of unique works you distribute for to higher levels with clean, complete and accurate metadata.


Better together

Forget back-and-forths and grant your members customised access to their usage-data in our dashboards.


Save time and money

Save time, money and stress by automating all processes and improving the way you serve your members.

“BMAT has been instrumental to the success of our business. Thanks to its state of the art music fingerprinting technology, BMAT provides crucial insights into the use of our music across hundreds of sources. As a company, they have grown tremendously throughout the years we have worked together, but have never lost their flexibility and adaptability in working to accommodate our data needs. Their team is responsive, knowledgeable and an absolute joy to work with.”

Frank Huang

SVP, Economics, Global Music Rights

“BMAT makes our job easy. They provide airplay monitoring reports, created with a smart technology, that is essential to identifying and distributing music royalties among our associates. A perfect partner of the music industry.”

Antonio Guisasola

President, AGEDI Spain

“I’m delighted we’re partnering with BMAT. The technology provided will ensure we have additional data to track and match the works of our members and those of sister societies, meaning more accurate distribution of royalties to all.”

Karen Buse

International Director, PRS for Music, The U.K.

“There are many technology companies in the world, that provide good services and BMAT is one of them. Vericast is a clear example of an efficient media monitoring tool.  And, as an added value, in Barcelona, there is great and human support team for end users.”

Marcelo Romano

Systems and Digital Development Officer, CAPIF Argentina

“Vericast is a user-friendly system, it has a great User Interface and provides accurate fingerprint results. We just need a few clicks to generate the results. The Vericast system has enhanced our work efficiency and quality. Also, our member companies can log into the system and monitor their new tracks ranking to customize their marketing strategies.”

Adrian Tse

IT Consultant, HKRIA Hong Kong

“Working with BMAT helped strengthen our relationship with Digital Service Providers (DSPs). With BMAT’s faster generation of clean claims and seamless data exchange process, our digital operations have never been more efficient. This improved relationship with DSP partners truly influences better licensing negotiations which benefit our members.”

Darvy June Artuz

Manager - Distribution & Documentation, FILSCAP The Philippines

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Atlas for CMOs

Other-worldly distributions

Maximise revenue distribution, take good care of your members and upgrade all your processes with state-of-art technology.

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Slick as a whistle

Streamline your whole process to nail digital distributions without manual work.

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Vericast for CMOs

Better, faster, stronger distribution

Improve your processes, amplify your revenue distribution and let the money flow seamlessly to its rightful owners. 

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Vericast Ads for CMOs

Add to your ads

Up your distributions for music used in advertising. From radio jingles to TV commercials, automatically catch every usage and make sure the royalties reach the right people. 

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