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Royalties distribution for CMOs

Certify your AI models and guarantee the integrity and legality of your training sets with our advanced AI music certification program. Gain a competitive edge and reassure users and partners by verifying your AI model training data against our extensive database of music.

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Transparency makes you stronger

In the rapidly evolving music industry, transparency is key. It clears away doubts and concerns. Our certification program allows AI companies to verify the legality and integrity of their training data, reassuring users and partners that no copyrighted material has been used when training their AI models. For those true music lovers who want to be in tune with copyright, clear your way to growth.


Neutral therefore trusted

Our technology is relied upon by over 5,000 companies worldwide, delivering 30 billion daily usage data points to performing rights organisations, publishers, record labels, broadcasters, digital service providers, artists, and more. Our reputation as a neutral and trusted partner of global music industry bodies and rights holders enables us to address the attribution and provenance challenges facing AI and the music industry.


It’s only fAIr

Our certification program is a step towards a future where AI and the music industry coexist in mutual respect. Trust is the key to smoothing this path. Jeff Bezos once said, “It’s harder to be kind than clever.” We agree, and we’d add that it’s harder to be mindful of others’ work than to code a good AI engine.

“The only way AI music can be innovative, inspiring, or useful in any professional application is if artists are a core part of the business and models. I joined this team with the vision of proving that, and less than a year later, we are not only the only BMAT-certified AI company, but we’ve already made our artists’ income that many other AI companies never thought to pay them.”

Benn Jordan

Chief Creative Officer, Voice-Swap

In good company

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