May 15, 2024

Partnering with Voice-Swap to establish a certification program to verify datasets used in AI music models

Ethical voice cloning platform Voice-Swap and BMAT have forged a groundbreaking partnership to establish a certification program for AI music models.

The certification will harness the power of BMAT’s audio tracking and processing technology to reference the training data that powers AI models against BMAT’s database of 180 million audio fingerprints. The certification is designed to ensure that no unauthorised copyrighted recordings are present within the training data of AI music models.

“We believe that AI should be beneficial to artists. This next-generation audio-screening certification could be the first step to solving the music industry’s AI problems.”

It was conceived by the team of music industry veterans at Voice-Swap who brought the concept to BMAT for their unrivalled audio fingerprinting and tracking capabilities.

“At BMAT, we’re driven to be pioneers at the intersection of music and technology. Our certification of training datasets is a major step forward –the first of many groundbreaking initiatives we have planned. We’re excited to have found such a like-minded partner in Voice-Swap, who’s been instrumental in helping us bring this vision to life and who share our passion for transparency in music”.

This new partnership between Voice-Swap and BMAT is the first step towards a future where AI and the music industry co-exist without exploiting artists, labels and rights holders. For that to happen, transparency is key.

With this certification, Voice-Swap and BMAT are taking another step closer to bridging the gap between a future that protects artists and rights holders while allowing creatives and creators access to revolutionary music-making tools.

This technical certification program marks a significant milestone in the evolution of AI music technology, heralding a new era of responsible innovation.

More information in the full press release here.

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