May 9, 2024

Acquiring MMS from Media Consultants to amplify advertising intelligence and global reach in Italy

AD Control of BMAT Music Innovators has acquired a majority stake in Metro Media System (MMS) from Media Consultants, marking a strategic leap toward amplifying the Italian advertising intelligence market and expanding globally.

Forged from the alliance of 2 Italian industry titans specialized in TV and radio advertising monitoring, this acquisition unites AD Control and MMS to lead the way in shaping the future of audio and video advertising monitoring. Together, they blend their expertise, experience, and complementary skills to deliver innovative and increasingly comprehensive services to clients.

“We are excited to combine the strengths of our companies to create the future of Audio/Video advertising monitoring. Together we are able to offer more services, a wider reach, omnichannel coverage. We are bringing together innovative industry experts and complementary cultures in the relentless pursuit of the highest quality at all times.”

With this partnership, AD Control and MMS emerge as the preeminent source of information on Radio and TV advertising, serving the entire advertising ecosystem, including clients, advertising agents, and media centres.

“This acquisition reaffirms AD Control’s dedication to Advertising Intelligence, solidifying our presence in Audio/Video advertising monitoring in both the Italian and global markets, combining our expertise with Media Consultants’ reputation and experience enables us to offer advanced, bespoke solutions. We’re committed to strengthening our position in the Italian and global markets, and we’re excited about the opportunities ahead.”

BMAT’s expansive global reach, substantial technological investments, and strategic partnerships will fuel the rapid expansion of this new venture. This expansion will encompass both the Italian market and international landscape, broadening service offerings and duplicating unmatched and innovative industry standards relied upon daily by over 5,000 global music companies.

“We immediately seized the opportunity to valorise the efforts made over the years in the field of video monitoring and related services, putting them in synergy, within a group that was already established in the field of audio monitoring of advertising. The growth perspectives on the domestic market, but also and above all on the international one, made the M&A operation irresistible and indispensable”

This strategic acquisition highlights AD Control’s commitment to leading innovation in Italy’s dynamic advertising landscape and reflects BMAT’s ethos of music innovation and global positive impact within the industry. As BMAT continues to redefine advertising monitoring and expand its presence in Italy, this transformative partnership sets the stage for significant growth.

You can download and peruse the complete release in either English or Italian.

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