March 20, 2024

Collaborating with RTP to champion fair compensation from public TV broadcasting for the Portuguese music community

RTP – Rádio e Televisão de Portugal, the Portuguese public broadcaster, has started a multi-year partnership with BMAT Music Innovators to enhance and automate music reporting processes across 4 of its high-rating TV channels.

Previously relying on manual procedures for music reporting, RTP has now adopted BMAT’s service Reportal, which over 55 broadcasters across 17 territories use and trust to streamline and perfect music reporting and operations. The collaboration between the 2 entities aims to enhance efficiency and accuracy in music usage reporting from public TV broadcasting in Portugal. 

By leveraging Reportal‘s advanced technology (BMAT’s high-end solution for automatic music usage reporting for broadcasters), RTP can ensure transparent and time-efficient reporting to the local CMO (Collective Management Organisation) so that artists and rights holders receive fair compensation for their creations aired on RTP’s public channels.

The integration of Reportal into RTP’s operations represents a win for BMAT Music Innovators, as RTP is the only public state-owned TV and radio broadcasting entity in Portugal. With RTP now on board, BMAT solidifies its position as a trusted partner and leading music reporting solutions provider for the entire Portuguese broadcasting sector.

“We are happy to partner with RTP to help enrich their music reporting mechanisms, so all the music used is properly communicated. This partnership underscores our commitment to empowering rights holders and artists by facilitating accurate and efficient royalty distribution processes. We are proud to contribute so Portuguese music creatives can get fair compensation for their works getting screen time.”

Reportal’s intuitive interface and comprehensive features enable RTP to track and report music usage accurately, providing artists and rights holders with transparency and accountability in royalty distribution.

The 2 entities are committed to transforming and enhancing the Portuguese music industry through innovative music technology. Through their collaborative efforts, BMAT Music Innovators and RTP are joining a shared mission to revolutionise music operations in Portugal by enhancing transparency and fairness, ensuring that every artist and rights holder receives equitable compensation for their work from broadcasting affairs.

This collaboration underscores BMAT and RTP’s shared commitment to supporting the best interests of the entire music community in Portugal.

You can download the official release here.

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