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Music lovers, code hackers and dealmakers of the world, come join us.

We say there’s a BMAT touch. We believe it has to do with being passionate, obsessive, nice, generous, honest, self-motivated, entrepreneurial, intrepid, crazy, extraordinary, creative, agile, human, friendly, smart, witty, talented, naive, optimistic, sensual, nerdy and not very hipster – unfortunately.

Currently recruiting

IT Cloud Engineer
Senior Product Manager
Senior Backend Engineer
Senior Frontend Developer
Innovation Project Engineer
Frontend Developer
Operations Engineer – Back Office
Data Operations Engineer
Python Software Developer – Charts and Data Analytics
Software Engineer – Digital music distribution, Python
Data Engineer – Digital music distribution, Python
Operations Engineer TVAV
Always looking for Software Engineers
Always looking for Operations Engineers
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Always Looking For

Python Software Engineer

Why join BMAT?

Creative culture

Flat hierarchy

Nice spaces to work from

Multicultural, diverse team

Language classes

Team 'jam sessions'

Remote work unlimited

Professional training

You may be wondering

What’s BMAT’s recruiting process like?

* Apply for the position you’re interested in via Bamboo.
* If our team likes the look of your application, we’ll ask you to complete a logical and/or technical assessment. These are designed specifically for each position and are often based on the problem-solving of a real case. They help us evaluate your skills and potential for the position’s responsibilities.
* Following that, we may decide to arrange a face-to-face meeting or video call interview with the team members.
* If we feel you’re a good fit, we’ll discuss the details of our offer with you.
* We’ll make sure to keep you posted at all times. We see this process as part of the BMAT experience, whether you end up being a BMATer or not.

What’s the onboarding like?

To get you on board we’ve prepared a process and resources to make you feel welcome from day minus one. You’ll get access to a site with all the info you will need – not only at your start, but also throughout your life at BMAT.

Before your first day you’ll receive the week’s calendar and some practical details to get you prepped for the start.

Over your first few weeks you’ll get trained on the job by your team.

Do you have any rituals?

Every Monday, the whole of BMAT gets together for a short meeting to share updates, news, and market trends. We record it so that BMATers on different time zones or schedules can get up to speed online.

Every Friday we round up the week with some drinks and jam together in our practice room that’s instrumental to our well-being.

Every 3 months we hold our Q party – an event where we set our personal and team objectives before wowing each other with our top notch karaoke skills.

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