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Our Values

We are a team of pretty decent people from all over the world who enjoy working with each other.


We are reactive and agile so we can tailor our solutions and improve our relationships with everyone around us. We work from anywhere in the world and timezones don’t bother us.


We’re always open to new ideas. So, we listen to each other. We hear everyone and everything they have to say.


We all sing from the same song sheet. We share everything. The good, the bad and even the ugly.


We love challenges as they stimulate our creativity. We take new approaches when we see fit.


We are all dedicated to a common goal and are determined to achieve it together. There are no problems, only solutions.


We say what we mean and we mean what we say. We trust ourselves and each other.

BMAT Team at a quarterly meeting, January 2019

We’re open-minded and well-travelled, coming from all parts of the world. We like coffee, tea, chai and mate all the same. We’ve got rappers, producers, cello players, DJs, and songwriters. The passion for music, the excitement for technology and Barcelona as a backdrop has proven to make a good combination.

You can enjoy

Flexible working hours

Flexible working location

Flexible compensation scheme

Flat hierarchy

Professional training

Language classes

Multicultural & diverse team

Referral bonus

Team building & jam sessions

Career opportunities

Music lovers, code hackers and dealmakers of the world, come join us. We want to work with extraordinary and nice people.

Talent Acquisition


Operations Engineer TVAV


Digital Client Manager


Client Manager LATAM


Sales Operations Manager


Operations Engineer – APAC Region


Software Developer – Python


Data Engineer – Python


My New Job at BMAT



Am I the right kind of person to apply to BMAT?

We’ve learnt that we thrive on learning from each other, so we don’t just welcome but actively hire a range of open-minded people from all walks of life. Diverse perspectives bring about challenges and drive innovation, and innovation is kind of our thing. Our team is made up of people with different backgrounds, perspectives, orientations, abilities, musical tastes, dress sense and time-zones – but we all have one common goal: Making the music world a better place.

How does your recruitment process work?

  1. Find the job of your dreams and apply via Bamboo.
  2. Our first contact will be via email or phone. You will then be asked to complete a logical and/or technical assessment. Following that, we may decide to arrange a face-to-face or Skype interview.
  3. Our team reviews every application with care before coming to a decision. We make sure to keep you posted throughout the process.
  4. We will then discuss the details of our offer with you.
  5. Once on board, we provide you with all the information and resources to feel welcome from day one.

Then, it’s your turn to take the stage.

What's the onboarding like for a new BMATer?

We want to help you integrate smoothly, so we make sure everyone feels welcome. All necessary information. including an agenda for your first week, is sent to you in advance. Over the first few weeks, newcomers are provided with on the job training.

Do you have any office traditions?

Every Monday, the whole office get together for a short meeting to share updates, news, and market trends. Every Friday, after a productive week, we share some beers and jam together in our instrumental room. Every 3 months we hold our Q party, which is an event where we set our personal and team objectives. We then unwind and enjoy some activities together.