February 18, 2022

Strengthening royalties distribution model for Performance Rights Organisation Eshkolot to help 43,621 Israeli artists

BMAT Music Innovators and Eshkolot announce partnership to improve the royalties distribution model and music usage reporting for Israeli radio and TVs – helping Eshkolot distribute more royalties to performing artists.

BMAT now help Israeli Performance Rights Organisation Eshkolot monitor how their repertoire is being used on local radio and TV channels. The collaboration began in January 2022 with the goal of improving the performance royalties collection process for the 43,621 Israeli artists represented by Eshkholot.

The partnership with BMAT is in line with Eshkolot’s mission to adhere to global industry best practices and help rights owners monetise from all usages of their work on radio and TVs. 

Eshkolot are now able to better distribute royalties with BMAT’s prompt and cost-efficient solution to processing all TV and radio data usage of the work of Israeli performing artists. 

“Our collaboration with BMAT helps us improve the way we monitor playback data coming from various transmitters and distribute more royalties to Israeli artists in a transparent and equitable way. 

We are happy to join BMAT and also one of the most influential networks of global rights organisations as part of our goal to align with international standards and adhere to industry best practices.”

Ori Reshtik, Co-CEO at Ehskolot

Eshkolot are relying on BMAT’s tech and copyright expertise to receive real-time music usage data from local TV and radio channels. The data is matched against Eshkolot’s repertoire to optimise royalties distribution and ensure Israeli copyright owners get what they deserve for all usages of their works. 

“BMAT has been helping Performance Rights Organisations monitor music used across broadcasting channels, on both Radio and TVs, since 2010. We are now proud to join Eshkolot in their mission to distribute royalties from broadcasting more efficiently to performers and leave a positive impact in the fast-evolving Israeli copyright landscape.

Eshkolot will make use of Vericast’s data to improve the processes around royalties collection and distribution as well as their relationships with local broadcasters. We hope that our fully-auditable solution will play an essential role in strengthening the relationships between Israeli music industry players.”

Jose Torrabadella, VP Broadcast at BMAT

BMAT provides custom solutions for over 100 Collective Management Organisations and Performance Rights Organisations across 124 countries. As part of their mission to index all music usage and ownership data, BMAT helps Collective Management Organisations distribute over 2 billion dollars every year, delivering 27 billion matches and 80 million identifications every day. 

Get in touch with us to see how together we can make distribution better, faster, stronger.

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