October 17, 2023

Behind the curtains of the Internship Orchestra Tour

Back in the fall of ’22 we launched the Internship Orchestra Tour – a programme giving 10 bright minds a seat to perform for the Music Operating System and better the industry altogether. It was a hit, so we’ve decided to turn it into a tradition.

The name of our internship programme was an obvious choice. Every orchestral performance begins with a moment of collective tuning to the A440​ note, which is set at a frequency of 440 Hz. For an orchestra to achieve its true virtuoso state, flawless synchronization and teamwork are essential. These happen to be among the principles that guided our talent scouting activities from 2006 up until today.

Much like the complex layers of a symphony orchestra, where each instrument plays a key role in creating harmony, the Internship Orchestra Tour mirrors the same level of collaboration and precision, gathering a diverse group of people to decode music metadata and foster innovation.

One of them is Maria Cáliz, who now works full-time with us as a junior front-end dev. Keep reading as she takes us backstage of our Internship Orchestra Tour, dishing on what it’s truly like to intern at BMAT.

Hey Maria. Can you tell us a bit about yourself and your background before joining BMAT?

Before joining BMAT, my academic journey led me through aeronautical engineering and telecommunications engineering. Although I had a strong technical background, the world of music was relatively uncharted territory for me.

But thanks to BMAT, I’ve discovered a newfound passion and appreciation for the music industry, merging my technical expertise with the realm of music. Also, I had foundational knowledge of JavaScript, but it was at BMAT where my skills truly blossomed.

Lovely to hear that. What about your role as an intern at BMAT?

As a front-end developer intern in the Digital team, I was at the heart of ensuring some of our software products were user-friendly and innovative and served the complex needs of the music industry.

And what were some of your key responsibilities and projects?

Among the projects I’ve been involved in, the PRONTO dashboard stands out the most. It’s a crucial product BMAT offers to DSPs and Rights Holders. Seeing my work enhance and refine the client experience is profoundly fulfilling, and it motivates me to continue to grow professionally.

Can you share a memorable project or accomplishment during your time as an intern at BMAT?

Certainly – it has to be the improvements of the PRONTO dashboard. It’s gratifying to know that the efforts I poured into this project improve the user experience for our clients, making their interactions more efficient.

By contributing to key projects,  I’ve played a role in streamlining processes and enhancing user experiences for key players in the music industry.

That’s awesome. What valuable skills do you feel like you’re gaining or improving by working with us? How are we actively contributing to your professional development?

Beyond mastering JavaScript and VUE, BMAT has improved my understanding of the music industry and the technical solutions that drive it forward. Besides, I learned that teamwork makes the dream work – that paired with good communication and adaptability.

BMAT has been instrumental in my growth. Being surrounded by a diverse team with members from different countries has broadened my perspectives, enriching my professional and personal growth. I was surrounded by a team of experts who were always willing to guide and support my learning journey.

How would you describe the work culture and atmosphere at BMAT? Is there anything that sets us apart from other companies in the tech industry?

I think it’s safe to say that the ambience here, especially in the BMAT House in Barcelona, is electric, whether we’re talking events or simple coffee breaks with coworkers. There are a lot of wonderful people working here, so naturally, it’s a space where collaboration and creativity thrive.

BMAT’s strength lies in its people and its mission. While our tech expertise is evident, it’s the diverse team, the global perspective, and the genuine passion for music that truly makes BMAT outstanding.

How has your experience at BMAT influenced your career aspirations or future goals? Do you have any advice for aspiring interns interested in joining us?

BMAT has redefined my professional trajectory. What started as an exploratory step into the music-tech field has grown into a passion for front-end development and opened my eyes to the endless possibilities in the music-tech nexus. The skills, relationships, and experiences here have shaped my ambitions and inspired me to dream even bigger.

Regarding the advice, I’d tell them to be fully open to embracing the diverse learning experiences BMAT has to offer. It’s not just about code – it’s about building solutions that can have an impact on the entire music industry.

What’s your favourite BMAT memory or moment?

One of the most unforgettable moments here was our latest surprise Q party, where we went away for a day – there were BBQs involved and a pool. We got to relax and bond, and since we normally enjoy working together, we had a great time.

What words of inspiration or encouragement would you like to share with potential interns considering applying for the Internship Orchestra Tour?

I believe that BMAT is where passion meets innovation. If you’re eager to take part in the shaping of the future of music and grow as a professional, there’s honestly no better place to be.

Sweet. Thanks for sharing, Maria.

And thank you.

We’re currently prepping for the auditions for the Internship Orchestra Tour 3.0, which is to start in the spring of ’24. This time we’ll be talent scouting for 8 people to perform for the Music Operating System Hearts Club Band.

More details coming soon.
Stay tuned – A440 tuned.

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