September 28, 2023

BMAT’s got a brand new CEO

You may have heard that BMAT runs on 3 CEOs now, following the infallible business principle ‘the more the merrier’. Well, it’s true but also part of the plan. Starting January 2024, Iñigo Ugarteburu will be the one and only CEO of BMAT, and Pedro Cano and myself (Àlex Loscos) will focus on the areas of the company that we feel we can contribute the most to.

Iñigo is coming back home after a few years at Meta. Before that, he was BMAT’s CSO and had previously worked with ASCAP, SONY MP and EMI MP. So, this is the second time that we’ve managed to convince him to join the team. I remember the first time was in 2016, when Pedro, after spending time with Iñigo at an industry event, told me “todos le abrazan!”, which translates into “everyone’s hugging him!”. That was good enough for us. With such credentials, it was very obvious we had to try our best to onboard him.

A few months later, Iñigo was kind enough to accept our proposal to come work with us and share all the wisdom he always carries with him. We enjoyed every minute of it. We triangulated as an equilateral and managed to transform BMAT in ways we didn’t know we could. So, when Iñigo told us he was leaving, all Pedro and I could think of was how and when we were going to bring him back.

Until today, when we can announce that the BMAT pack’s back.

The challenges we now face at BMAT are different. We’ve grown to be a company with hundreds of employees and thousands of customers. This has been led by a team of exceptional people under the baton of two pathological optimists, with no business background nor training, and an appetite for building things. Pedro and I feel we’ve reached our CEO-ness ceiling and that it’s time for someone better to look after the company.

Ahead, we expect a funky transformative journey, a roller coaster that will require the best of us, at the end of which our innovation skills, our love for our partners and our obsession for music will resonate at the highest frequencies. We’ve reinvented ourselves in the past, and this time, we aim to become the most competitive company in the music technology landscape and secure the next 15 years of joy, growth and health.

Wish us Godspeed and stay tuned, next logbook update in early ’24.

Àlex Loscos

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