It’s time to get your hit together

Get your hit together is a 4-episode web series which aims to help independent artists make sure they get paid royalties for every play.

Musicians are faced with the challenge of tracking monetisable use of their songs in a fast-paced and infinitely interconnected digital world. We’re trying to help those who create music maximise their earnings—and the key to doing this is getting your music properly organised, or rather, getting your sh*t together.

1. How to properly organise your music

Getting serious about your music organisation will make the next steps to rightfully receiving your royalties much easier, as you’ll know where to find all the relevant information about your project.

Jose, our VP of Broadcast, starts us off.

Download the PDF guide for Episode 1

2. How to up your metadata game

The information you store and share alongside your music needs to be taken good care of, in order to help with the tracking, discovery, administration and payments for any use of your creations.

Jakue, our VP of Digital, breaks it down.

Download the PDF guide for Episode 2

3. How to register your songs properly

Societies around the world need to know that your music exists before you can get paid for any use of your music. Accurate registering ensures you’ll receive royalties from all sources.

Zoe, our Client Manager in France, sings it to us.

Download the PDF guide for Episode 3

4. How to track your music globally

Make sure you know where your music is being used and how much you can expect to get paid by monitoring the activity of your music.

Dani, our BizDev guy in the USA, tells us how it is.

Download the PDF guide to Episode 4

We hope this helps artists keep making a living from doing what they love. Keep the music coming, and let’s make it last.

Written by Kelly, Head of Content Strategy

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