April 22, 2020

The show must go on (air)

Music means a lot to us. We want to keep it alive. With The Show Must Go On Air, we’re trying to help musicians who’ve had gigs cancelled in Barcelona, our hometown, due to COVID-19—especially those who aren’t usually heard on the radio. That’s why we’re asking radios, TVs and any music lovers to play them. Every play will help generate royalties to make up for their losses due to cancelled gigs.

We just launched The Show Must Go On Air to encourage broadcasters from all over, including those we’ve worked closely with over our 16 years, to help support artists—both local and international—and make sure the show goes on. By joining forces with them, we’re trying to help the artists who are most impacted by COVID-19 gig cancellations to make up for their losses with boosted royalty earnings and exposure. 

We chose to give priority to bands who aren’t usually played on commercial radio, and therefore could be the most impacted by this. The list on theshowmustgoonair.com therefore consists of artists who’ve had gigs cancelled in our hometown, Barcelona, from April and March. The list will continue to grow and will get constantly updated with cancelled gigs from May, June and July—the festival season.


If you’re an artist who has had a gig cancelled in Barcelona and aren’t usually played on commercial radio, you can request to be added here. If you’re a radio and you want to show your support to these artists too, let us know if you play them and we’ll feature you as a supporter.  #TheShowMustGoOnAir

Written by Kelly, Head of Content Strategy

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