January 18, 2018

How we built our brand – Part 2: Our colours are a soundtrack

BMAT Music Innovators revolves around music. She’s the reason for our existence. Now, she’s also the reason behind our brand colours.

Our web, our catalogues, our blog and our newsletter, they all shine at certain light frequencies, the colours of BMAT.

In our first How we built our brand we explained the story behind our logo, here we want to explain the story behind our colour palette.

Etymologically, the term music refers to the arts of muses. We decided to honour the Greek origin of the word and take inspiration from some of our muses – our favourite artists, albums and cover artworks – they all influenced our decision in choosing the colours of the brand. Eclectic in genres and remembering the time we fell in love with music, our rainbow amplifies some of the values that shape our personality.

BMAT colours soundtrack

Art by Víctor Riba.

Loveless Red: My Bloody Valentine sing for our passion. Listen to how the album starts with Only Shallow and those powerful guitars… That’s how we like to start our day.

1999 Violet: the titles speak for themselves: D.M.S.R. (Dance, Music, Sex, Romance), Free, International Lovers… but if there’s a feature of Prince’s 1999 we admire the most, it would be its creativity. This is the innovative mentality we try to apply to any task we carry on.

Nevermind Blue: we do care about blue in fact, as we care about everything we do. It’s Nirvarna’s transparency in expressing emotions which makes us love this album. The same enthusiastic approach as a teen spirit.

Chronic Town Blue: even though it’s just an EP, it proves that brevity is the source of wit.

Fade Green: expresses our organic journey. We like working closely, carefully and personally on our quest for organic growth and natural relationships.

Never Mind the Bollocks Yellow: our most spontaneous shout, the rebellious character which drives us to fight for a better music ecosystem. #GodSaveTheMusic.

Low Orange: Bowie’s music becomes more touchable and visual in Low – with some interactive, almost psychedelic vibes. We’re a bit like that too.

Written by Brais, Head of Comms

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