November 16, 2021

Give up on genius, find your Scenius

Scenius is to a scene as genius is to a gene. Scenius refers to the collective intelligence of a group of people. There are reported wild sightings of it in electronic music in the 70s, K-POP bands and a selected sample of Barcelona-born music technology companies. Probably. 

The Scenius hatches when ideas over a shared passion are exchanged. It’s a safe space where weird and wonderful ideas are strictly overindulged. We’ve performed this scientific experiment on the group of 180 brains that make up our team. That common old saying seems to be ringing true – that 180 brains are better than 1. 

We’re milking the Scenius to work on ourselves, learn from each other and work together to connect all players of the industry and amplify the value of music. People thrive when they find their Scenius, and the music industry needs people in order to thrive. 

We followed this thought pattern to pair up with IMB International Music Business School and offer scholarships worth €3000 to emerging music sector talent out there in the universe. These scholarships will allow a bunch of aspiring music biz wizards to get right to the nucleus of music innovation, and have a good shot at finding their very own Scenius. They’ll work alongside the likes of Universal Music Publishing, YouTube Music, SONY Music, WarnerChappell, Primavera Sound and BMAT on real music sector challenges. 

The selected gang will cook up innovative solutions for these companies that go towards helping music live forever. Spanning across global business strategy to technology innovation and community management, each participant will play a part in empowering the companies at hand to further better the world of music. 

“The scope of talent and backgrounds we’ve gathered in this first edition of the Challenges Module is extraordinary. A group of determined students coming from 13 different nationalities working together to help the global music sector find the best solutions to the multiple challenges ahead.”

– David Loscos, Director of IMB International Music Business School 

That brings us to giving a big hairy congratulations to those crazy enough to take up this scholarship. Here they are – 

Maija Katarina Rivenburg

Catalina Aspe

Valentina Hermida

Natthida Mongkonsiri

Nastassia Rodriguez

Fernanda Andrade Martins

Sergi Martínez Bruned

Egehan Gunduz

Yana Asenova 

Isabella Muñoz Navarro

Miguel Araújo

Carlos de las Heras

Eros Blanco

Elies Delgado Tamarit

Katarzyna Odoj

May you all be one step closer to finding your Scenius.

“This gives me the opportunity to learn more about innovation and the music sector which I’m passionate about, and also to connect with other music enthusiasts. I’m really looking forward to solving real challenges for real music companies—let’s see which creative solutions we can come up with!”

Elies Delgado Tamarit, Charts Engineer at BMAT

Credit to Brian Eno for coining this term a while back. His definition was “Scenius stands for the intelligence and the intuition of a whole cultural scene. It is the communal form of the concept of the genius.” We also liked this description.

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