Whether you are a club, a disco, a ballroom, a pub, a bar, or any other music venue, we can help you.

Report to the rights managers

We help venues report music to its rights managers. We deliver complete usage reports to CMOs so the license fees impact on those artists contributing to the venue’s activity. Every year we identify over 8 million tracks in over a thousand music venues on 5 continents. Our mission is to report in a cost-effective way the highest possible number of plays in real time, thus protecting the long tail of the music industry.

Report to CMOs

We install a small device in your venue to help your license fees go to those artists whose music you play. We then report to CMOs and help them distribute to artists from genres not even played on the radio or TV. We charge no fee to you. The device allows us to record your venue and stream it to our audio identification system. Playlists are automatically generated and delivered to the CMOs you already pay to.

Partner with Kuvo and 1001 Tracklist

In case you’re already partnering with PioneerDJ’s app KUVO or 1001 Tracklist, you should know that we also are. By doing this, we intend to increase the match rates for underrepresented genres, as is the case with electronic music. Our reporting solution is based on digital reporting that avoids installation and technical maintenance costs.

We care about the music and we understand how important it is that the licences for usage are paid to the right music makers. BMAT makes this transparency a reality.
Fátima Mellado
Programme manager at Sidecar venue, Barcelona