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“BMAT have greatly supported West One Music Group's global expansion over a number of years. The data we access from a number of markets, in particular emerging markets, is extremely valuable for our business. We consider them a huge part of our operations and really enjoy working with their knowledgeable, personable, fun team.”

Edwin Cox, West One Music Group

“We use Vericast every day when we open our computers. It allows us to know where our music is playing, send the correct information to SGAE and analyze which music the channels we work with are using. With the ad reporting tool, it’s so easy to identify which ad campaigns we’re running. For a publisher this tool is indispensable, and the BMAT team are always there to lend a helping hand!”

Almudena Guerrero, Manager, EMI Production Music

"Vericast detection is a vital tool for tracking where and how our music is being used. By reviewing the video clips, we can confirm the broadcast data for licensed music and submit claims to the PROs, as well as discover music that wasn’t licensed. This has led to us securing licenses and revenue we would have otherwise missed. Additionally, we are able to use the data in verifying usage for our annual blanket clients to assist in fee negotiations. This service has also helped us secure licenses in other countries where we previously did not have the resources to track music usage. Vericast has been a huge help."

Publishing Coordinator, Megatrax

“We’re lucky to have BMAT. They have a reliable musical-usage monitoring system. Easy to use, very visual, and has a useful filtering system. In short, an effective system and a proactive team who helped us in every moment.”

Ana Velasco, Universal Music Publishing Group Spain
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