BMAT powers ARMONIA, the ultimate dashboard for your digital rights

In May 2014 BMAT was appointed by ARMONIA to jointly build the fastest growing digital copyright platform in Europe. The platform, commissioned by SACEMSGAE and SIAE, was designed to excel in efficiency, scalability, and speed of processing, and to allow any copyright owner to track their compensation chain, from the Digital Sales Report (DSRs) to the distribution money, over a multi-functional interactive dashboard.

Today we celebrate the first anniversary of our partnership with ARMONIA with excitement and satisfaction over what has been achieved already, and with ambition and eagerness to grow the platform further.

BMAT is connected and receives DSRs from the major digital music service providers. We have processed and stored over 1,500 DSRs, 220 million transactions and 7 billion sales from iTunes, Deezer, Amazon, Spotify, Google,YouTube, Xbox, Sony, Omnifone, Beatport, Rdio, Rhapsody, Vevo, Nokia, Recisio and 7Digital. BMAT platform leverages on parallel and cloud computing to reach an average capacity of processing of 2 gigabytes per minute.

We have equipped the platform with the most advanced identification technologies based on audio fingerprint and metadata description. ARMONIA is today capable of processing 2 billion video  views per month against 50 million song references. BMAT identification capacities go beyond the standard fingerprint. ARMONIA allows composers to rescue covers, live performance footage, karaoke versions and other derivative works from the non music reports of user generated content services, from which an average of 600,000 views can be rescued monthly. 

A dashboard watches and governs the different processes through which reports containing usage information flow: reception of the files, format quality check, parsing, consistency verification, acceptation, generation of statistics and storage.

The next process to roll out aims to ease the identification of music works by enriching DSRs with BMAT metadata. Thanks to our long partnership with the IFPI organisations and our recent deal with CISAC, subscribed by 30 Authoring Societies, BMAT will propagate ISRC, ISWC, producer, publisher and composer information to the digital music services reports to make work identification easier, faster, and more secure. 

ARMONIA and BMAT will continue to build steps towards our shared vision for a more transparent, accurate and straightforward music copyright landscape.