CISAC and BMAT sign landmark agreement for easier identification of digital music all over the world

BMAT will integrate the ISWC into Vericast, its global music identification service that monitors millions of songs over 3,000 radios and televisions across more than 50 countries worldwide. The ISWC (International Standard Musical Work Code) is a unique, permanent and internationally recognized ISO reference number for the identification of musical works. Integrated within the musical works administration databases, the ISWC is the ‘lingua franca’ which will facilitate music market databases to be linked automatically.

Vericast is currently used by more than 45 collective management organisations, and being connected to the digital music feeds of major companies as well as thousands of labels via the main digital aggregators. The solution provides real time recognition and auditable reporting based on an audio fingerprint that is resistant to signal alterations such as voice over, broadcast mastering or noisy channel degradation. With continuous and precise tracking, Vericast guarantees accurate emission reports, making it ideal for transparent and efficient royalty distribution.

The adoption of the ISWC standard by BMAT is a landmark in creating a clear marketplace for music stakeholders,” said José Macarro, Director of Information Systems at CISAC, the International Confederation of Societies of Authors and Composers and the leading worldwide network of authors’ societies. “Today there is nearly 34 million musical works registered through the ISWC system. The CISAC-BMAT agreement will help authors’ societies develop their business by improving identification and distribution processes.

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