What plays around
will come around

BMAT tells everyone what music has been played so that artists get the recognition they deserve. No matter if it’s a pop song on TV, a jungle track at a beach club or an ukelele cover on a digital video stream. We hear everything everywhere and tell everyone who wants to know.


We monitor and report music across televisions, radios, clubs and digital services globally. We can tell when and where any song is played, and provide the metadata that describes who owns the rights over each track.

Diagram of the BMAT services


We monitor music across televisions, radios, clubs and digital services globally.

We report all identifications together with the metadata that describes who gets paid for it.


If your business plays music we can help you report to its right managers.

We deliver complete usage reports so your license fees impact on those artists contributing to your activity.


Tell us which songs you wrote, which artists you represent, which albums you released.

Upload your files to make sure your works can be properly identified, reported and rewarded.


BMAT started in 2005 when a group of engineers with a passion for music decided to spin-off from University Pompeu Fabra and create a company.

The company started with an idea - to index all the music in the world -, a mission - to better the music eco-system -, a customer -YAMAHA -, and a team of audio technology experts, eager to learn how to build a successful business.

After a couple of years flirting with a vast portfolio of technologies, BMAT decided to focus activities around music monitoring services and built a service that could track any public communication of music.

Since then the company has grown to service 80 Collective Management Organizations and 600 Record labels and publishers. Today our monitoring platform delivers 26 million identifications monthly and overviews 1 trillion digital transactions yearly.


BMAT in the world

One vision

We love music. It makes our lives a zillion times better. And we want to give something back to her (yes, to us music is a lady). Make her life easier and her future brighter.

We apply our scientific, data-infused brains to tell everyone what music has been played – so that creators get the recognition they deserve.

We hear everything everywhere and tell everyone who wants to know.

‘What plays around will come back around’ we say. We believe by helping this happen we can make a positive change in the music ecosystem and enjoy talent for another million years.


We are a team of pretty decent people who enjoy working with each other.

We’re open-minded and well-travelled, coming from all parts of the world.

We like coffee, tea, chai and mate all the same. We’ve got rappers, producers, cello players, DJs, and songwriters.

The passion for music, the excitement for technology and Barcelona as a backdrop has proven to make a good combination.

Team's photo


We say there is a BMAT touch.

We believe it has to do with being passionate, obsessive, nice, generous, honest, self-motivated, entrepreneurial, intrepid, crazy, extraordinary, creative, agile, human, friendly, smart, witty, talented, naive, optimistic, surprising, sensual, nerdy and not very hipster (unfortunately).

We are based in Barcelona and so could you. Music lovers, code hackers and deal makers of the world, come join us!


We love true partnerships and collaborative alliances with our customers.

Like in a music band. Sharing problems, knowledge, commitment and mission allows us to stick and adapt, and brings us the higher chances to build the right solution for every one of you.

BMAT makes our job easy. A perfect partner for the music industry.
Antonio Guisasola
President of AGEDI in Spain

We all really enjoy working with their knowledgeable, personable and fun team and consider them a huge part of our operations
Edwin Cox
Creative Director / President of West One Music Group in the U.K.
BMAT = TRUE PARTNER = sharing vision, objectives, efforts and finally SUCCESS
Antonio Jimenez
CIO of SGAE in Spain
I’m delighted we’re partnering with BMAT. The technology provided will ensure more accurate distribution of royalties to all.
Karen Buse
International Director at PRS for Music in the U.K.
Thanks to the features jointly developed by BMAT and ARMONIA, SACEM has significantly increased the automatic identification.
Jean-Noël Tronc
CEO of SACEM in France, President of ARMONIA’s Board
BMAT's technology and service are amazing and very useful to the whole music industry.
Rami Madmon
CIO of ACUM in Israel


BMAT collaborating with EGEDA

2nd February 2017

BMAT takes part in 2016 talks about the Iberoamerican Audiovisual Scene, organised by EGEDA (Services Society for Audiovisual Producers).

BMAT is awarded with La Caixa Entrepreneurial Recognition

8th January 2017

The XXI edition has chosen BMAT as one of the most outstanding companies due to its labour to boost transparency and efficiency in the music industry. More info here.

19th December 2016

Treat music well and music will treat you well. We wish you a 2017 full of new projects, fantastic moments and good karma for your loved ones!



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