SGAE uses a new identification technology for music played on the radio and in clubs

Precisely identifying musical works used by radios and clubs, and similar venues, to pay composers all the royalties they are entitled to, is the goal of an innovative monitoring system that SGAE has recently started running. It comprises a new musical works recognition technology that guarantees users unlimited and reliable access to the repertoire represented by SGAE.

The system is a natural consequence of the transparency commitment of the SGAE Board Meeting. For its introduction, the society contracted, through competitive bidding, the services of BMAT, an external monitoring company, that will work in collaboration with CIMEC, the company that had been doing this work until now. With the most advanced technology, BMAT’s help will allow the increase in the number of works examined and their automatic identification. 

Radio show monitoring

In this instance, the process involves capturing sample recordings of the shows, comparing them with the original recordings that are already in the BMAT monitoring database, and automatically recognising the works. In Spain BMAT will be following 213 radio stations and 1.500.000 hours will be recorded. Out of these hours, 660.000 will be analysed which means a six-fold increase. It is expected that the number of works receiving royalties for radio play will be five times greater than what it has been in the past, and that the detection of advertisements and jingles played will reach 70% per show.

Monitoring in clubs and similar venues

The use of such technology in clubs and other venues will help SGAE track the use of music in 4.000 establishments, in which, as a trial run in 2014, devices that record the musics will be installed. The ultimate goal in 2015 is to have devices in as many clubs and venues as possible.

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Whether you are a radio station or the composer of music for advertisements, take part in making the music industry fairer and contact us to integrate your jingles and/or musical works into the BMAT monitoring database.