Music Makers

Whether you are a composer, an author, a performer, a DJ, an arranger, a producer, a creator, a publisher, a record label, a digital distributor, or a copyright manager or organization, join forces with us.

Studio Artists

We have found self-produced releases, commissioned music and non-distributed productions to be extremely relevant in radio and television broadcast.

Advertisements using such content generate royalties we can track down when we have an audio fingerprint that allows automatic content recognition.

Local labels, publishers and digital distributors.

We know how important it is to report all the music played with the right ownership information. Our playlist reports are based on audio identification across thousands of channels worldwide. Each of these channels turns into revenues for music creators, labels, publishers and digital distributors.

Over the years we have entered into partnerships with hundreds of music content and copyright owners, building a database of more than 72 million tracks with more than 1 million monthly updates.