Label / Publisher

Whether you are a publisher, a record label, a digital distributor or a copyright manager,
we can help you.

Grow your digital revenues

We track digital music services to rescue revenues hidden under user generated content metadata or inaccurate ownership information.


Chart your releases

Hundreds of labels and publishers have access to our charts data through our agreements with the Neighbouring Rights Societies that represent them or through the Digital Distributors that transport their content.


Vericast is the ideal tool for any music publisher who aspires to check rigorously public execution of his music.
Iñaky Atela
Director of Music Library & SFX of Audio Network in Spain.
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Track your content globally

Whether your music is released on its own or inside an audiovisual work, we can tell you where and how it was played. Thousands of radios, televisions, clubs and digital services can be under your radar.

Oversee your licenses and promos

You can make sure your agreements are honored. We track works down to the details and synchronize them with the corresponding deal information.


We partner with hundreds of content owners and digital distributors and receive millions of new releases every month from you. We fingerprint your repertoire and make sure every time one of your songs plays, the collective copyright managers are properly reported.