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Whether you are a publisher, a record label, a digital distributor or a copyright manager,
our music tracking service can help you.

Music tracking

Whether your music is released on its own or is a part of an audiovisual work, we can tell you where and how it is played. Thousands of radios, televisions, clubs and digital services are on our music tracking radar. We fingerprint your repertoire, track it down to the smallest of details, and make sure every time your song is played, your rights are properly reported.

Partner with us

We work with hundreds of music labels and music producers that track down their music globally. They use our reports to chart their releases, to audit internally their performance, to compare the royalties they receive from CMOs, and for marketing purposes - to decide on the correct path their artists should follow. With several views and data display options, our music monitoring service  Vericast allows you to understand your audience location and consumption habits, as well as audit identification reports and forecast revenues.

Vericast is the ideal tool for any music publisher who aspires to check rigorously public execution of his music.
Iñaky Atela
Director of Music Library & SFX of Audio Network in Spain.
Music tracking for labels, publishers, producers BMAT

Track your content globally

We perform music tracking across 3 main types of repertoire - production music, commercial music and/or film and TV repertoire - and we deliver the results in comprehensive reports either with our web service or directly to your inbox, downloaded in an easy-to-manage format.

Drive yourself more revenue with Labrador

An extra identification layer digging for further usages of your content and driving you more revenue, Labrador is our tool that tracks content in user-uploaded content platforms. It enables the creators to maximise their claim revenues - so they get paid for the use of all their assets in a simple and efficient way. Plus, they have control of third-party uploads as Labrador also identifies further usages of music.

We partner with hundreds of content owners and digital distributors and receive from you millions of new releases every month. We fingerprint your repertoire and make sure every time one of your songs plays, the collective copyrights are properly reported.