Digital Operations Engineer



Job Summary:

BMAT gathers a group of young talented professionals with an extraordinary passion for music and technology. All of us dream of making music a better place for artists, agents and users, and we are constantly coming up with new ideas of how to develop our systems and services. We specialise in monitoring music played on radio, TV, online platforms, ads and clubs via a data processing and reporting platform. Our clients—more than 100 performing rights organizations worldwide, digital service providers, record labels and publishers—consider us the world leader in music monitoring.

What you will be doing :

As an Operations Engineer, you will work at the intersection between the Operations team, who are in daily contact with our customers, and the Engineering team, who plan and execute large scale developments.

On the operations side, you are expected to perform a transversal role, translating customers’ needs into technical specifications and vice versa.

As for engineering, your responsibilities range from extracting concrete information from our databases (mostly MySQL and MongoDB) over resolving issues reported by the operations team up to developing tools in order to scale repeated tasks. You will be free to define your role along the bridge between our clients and the engineering team and find the position where your talent shines the most.

All about you :

  • You know Python and some of its web frameworks and you are eager to get better
  • You have an instinct for listening, asking, understanding and communicating
  • You are comfortable querying SQL and NoSQL
  • You get the most out of your time when working in a team
  • Some experience with Javascript will help you solve some tasks faster
  • Bash knowledge can convert complicated tasks to one liners
  • You think uncertainty creates opportunity rather than stress
  • You have used AWS and know some of its core components
  • Starting a debugger is the first thing that comes to mind when tackling a bug
  • You would enjoy explaining our back-end to your grandparents
  • DRY principles are important to you
  • You know how to leave VIm

You can enjoy :

  • Full-time job
  • Flexibility on working hours and home office
  • Free coffee, fruits, language and computer classes and online courses
  • Becoming part of a young and international team based in Barcelona obsessed with bettering the music industry