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Executive team

Pedro Cano

Chief Executive Officer

“The Pixies contributed significantly with this album to the soundtrack of my college years”

about Doolittle by The Pixies

Àlex Loscos

Chief Executive Officer

“I bought it during summer in a record store in Leicester when I was fourteen. I used to listen the cassette one side after the other all night long with my two kilograms walkman.”

about LoveSexy by Prince

Jaume Vintró

Chief Operations Officer

“In 2001 I went to a Mark Knopfler concert in Badalona with my brother. In the middle of a song the sound system broke and you could not hear the band any more but the music continued with 20.000 people singing a capella. I get goosebumps thinking about it!”

about Money for Nothing by Dire Straits

Salvador Gurrera

Chief Financial Officer

“Oxygene was one of the first albums by Jean Michel Jarre and one of the references of the origins of electronic music. To me this is a masterpiece made up of 6 inseparable tracks. Being able to attend the performance of the album live in a small theatre in Paris in December 2007 was something very special! I always remember that concert!”

about Oxygene by Jean Michel Jarre

Sergio López Montolio

Chief Technology Officer

“Discovered Rise Against thanks to a good friend back when I was starting my professional career and I immediately got caught by the meaningful lyrics and the thrillings rhythms. Listening to any of their albums always provides a boost of energy as well as bring back good memories.”

about Satellite by Rise Against

Business team

Nate Pacer

Head of M&A and Corporate Development

“I spent one entire summer in high school mowing lawns to this album on a cassette Walkman, so it always has a special place in my heart.”

about Ill Communication by The Beastie Boys

Jeff Ble

Business Developer

“No one in my family knows how I came to love country music and most of them hate the sight of me searching for an old CD when in the car. I just cant help myself, Its a classic combination!!”

about Unchained by Jonny Cash

Elizabeth Muirhead

BizDev, Partnerships & Innovation Specialist

“I found it in the discount section of the HMV on Oxford Street, London, for about £7. I bought it because the guys reminded me of photos of my Dad in the 60s. I recognised ‘All Right Now’ when I played it at home and loved every song on the album. In that moment I realised I was probably born in the wrong decade.”

about All Right Now by Free

Eva Hestvedt

Regional Account Manager, Scandinavia & CEE

“It brings the memory of my first months in Barcelona and at BMAT, when I fell in love with the city. This album, which I kept listening on repeat during my walks to the beach after work, was the soundtrack of that feeling.”

about No Line in the Horizon by U2

Kirstin Moffatt

Business Developer

“One of my favorite albums is We Get Requests by The Oscar Peterson Trio encompassing some great, classic jazz standards. But really, its the tight ensemble that makes it!”

about We Get Requests by The Oscar Peterson Trio

Operations team

Chinenye Ezekwesili

Project Manager

“You can feel the depth of emotions running through every track in his albums”

about The Marshall Mathers LP by Eminem

Orsi Bozso

Project Manager

“Strangely enough, I first found Massive Attack on the soundtrack of Mission Impossible, which my parents had in a cassette, and they instantly caught my attention. Mezzanine is definitely their signature album. The songs are truly eclectic from dub to electronica packed with amazing sounds and lyrics and complemented with a pinch of darkness”

about Mezzanine By Massive Attack

Emiliano Ravasi

Head of Operations

“It’s neither a rock album, nor a record for dancing to. It sounds meticulous and spontaneous at the same time. Nocturnal but warm. Either you’re in a plane thousands of feet in the air or locked in your bedroom, Psychic makes perfect sense. A modern classic!”

about Psychic by Darkside

Finance team

Melina Catalano


“I met The Beatles when I was very young thanks to my Dad who is a really big fan of the band since his youth. From that moment, I started to follow them too and love each of their songs and lyrics. In my opinion, the White Album is one of the best albums of the band and Blackbird is the song with which my dad opened the doors to me to the Beatles’ world.”

about The White Album by The Beatles

Alberto Trigo

Accounts Payable & Operations

“The art of mixing mythic themes and sounds of all genres, accompanied by an excellent staging, makes this pair of brothers a pure show to be marvelled at. Thinking back to the performance still makes my hair stand up. Add this to the incredible personal moments I spent with them, and this group demands to be in my top ten.”

about Radio Soulwax Pt.2 by 2 Many Dj’s (Soulwax)

Alberto González Parra

Head of Accounting

“One of the first albums that I bought and one of those that makes me discover a new world and a new type of music. There is not a single song on this album that I could skip.”

about Whatever People Say I Am, That’s What I’m Not by Arctic Monkeys

People team

Victoria Asiain

Talent Acquisition

“This band holds a special place in my heart.  Is Dan Layus’ voice even real? Why are they so underrated? I keep asking myself when listening to their songs.”

about Life Imitating Life by Augustana



Noelia Alonso

Head of HR

This is a great choice of tunes and a good mix of happy and emotional songs that bring good memories of my younger years

about The Greatest Hits by The Cure

Irene Pérez

People Generalist

This Album takes me back to the past when I was 14-15 years old and I spent my summers in a seaside town. These songs marked me a crucial period of time and guided me to make my dreams come true. I especially enjoy the songs Otherside and Californication that always remind me an endless summer.

about Californication by Red Hot Chili Peppers

Production team

Carla Illas Jorba

Office Manager

Music that makes you move your body and draw a smile when the clouds are dark

about Billy Eliot by BSO

Communications team

Kelly Abel

Communications Manager

“Although the bizarre intensity of this album doesn’t make for an easy listen, there’s something weirdly comforting about the fact that it feels like a quaint relic from a different time.”

about In the Aeroplane Over the Sea  by Neutral Milk Hotel

Stassy Velinova

Communications and Client Manager

“Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards.”

about Use Your Illusion by Guns N’ Roses

TV/AV team

Rick McIlraith

Operations Engineer

“Their live performance of this album had such an incredible mix of live instruments & vocals, electronic parts and awe-inspiring visuals that formed a truly unforgettable, immersive experience, one that I am reminded of every time I listen to it”

about Migration by Bonobo

Lídia Ocaña

Software Developer Intern

“This album is pure energy. The indie-rock rhythms hooked me from the first song to the last one.”

about Tell Me I’m Pretty by Cage The Elephant

Kyoko Ayukawa

Project Manager

“This was the first-ever played album in our CD Player at home, and even though I was probably too young back then, I understood what a sweet perfection it was, still love it from beginning to end”

about Violator by Depeche Mode

Franco Pelusso

Software Developer

“It is a masterpiece: a brand new sound experience together with some of the most beautiful lyrics ever written, full of references and lessons. After listening to it, you can’t just remain the same.”

about Artaud by Pescado Rabioso

Miguel Araújo

Client Manager

“I discovered this album 40 years after its release and I was astonished by the power each song had and by the way everything was lined-up. It has accompanied me in my early years at the university and was probably the most played album in my first car.”

about The Doors by The Doors

Claudio Carrasco

Client Operations Support

“This concert amazes me not only because of the musical content but for the amazing artistic performances and the quality of the recording.”

about 15 Aniversario en el Luna Park by Cultura Profetica

Klaus Obermayer

Client Operations Support

“One of the last albums I’ve bought on CD. Heard it a million times ever since and it has been always inspiring.”

about Bedlam In Goliath by The Mars Volta

Velimir Orlinov

Software Developer

“Chris Martin is pure magic. Everybody loves him, and why shouldn’t they? He makes me want to believe in stuff.”

about A Head Full of Dreams by Coldplay

Vinay Manektalla

Software Developer

“I think it was an ahead of its time comment on British society and I feel like I can relate to a lot of it as it soundtracked a lot of my teenage life.”

about Original Pirate Material by The Streets

Moritz Phleps

Client Manager

“Renowned as one of the most influential records in east coast hip-hop history, this album with dark-evocative yet hard beats combined with rough but honest narratives is one of the most uncompromising and realest production works ever. I like how the interpreters deal with difficult situations and generate positive energy out of them.”

about The Infamous by Mobb Deep

Juan Nuñez Aragon

Project Manager

“They transformed the synthetic sounds of electronic music in something that went mainstream and opened the doors for a new universe. This album showed the arrangements that synth pop bands would use for the next decades. Who said the machines did not have a soul?”

about Die Mensch-Maschine by Kraftwerk



Yaiza Rancel

Software Developer

“It’s like getting a brain massage”

about 76:14 by Global Communication



Amogh Matt

Software Developer

“This is one of the few recently released albums I HAVE TO listen from start to end. I love the smooth timeless transition and how the it glides effortlessly through the cuts. I would go ahead and say it’s almost like a modern version of the Dark Side of the Moon (no offence)”

about Awesome Wave by Alt-J


Paco Cabrera

Software Developer

“When I was little, my sister used to listen to this album, I knew nothing about electronic music and the special thing about this work is that it had the ability to make me fell in love with this genre.”

about Discovery by Daft Punk

Pilar Callau Usón

VP of TV and Audiovisuals

“I discovered this album unexpectedly during my years in high school, being totally different from the music I liked. And it became part of my early youth. I guess that the broken down tempo and the combination of sensuality, fragility and darkness it transmits caught me. After so many years and so many listenings, I still enjoy it whenever I listen to it.”

about Portishead (1997) by Portishead

Eva Avellaneda

Client Manager, TV-AV

“I moved to Berlin only because of the German electronic music. I think Black Noise is good example of it and it´s one of my most precious albums. Earthbound, dark, chaotic, magic. A beautiful piece of minimal techno to listen to on loop.”

About Black Noise, by Pantha Du Prince

Álvaro García

Lead Developer

“The lyrics are written directly from feelings, telling in every song a deep story. It also reminds me of good old times, in extraordinary company with old friends at concerts. When music makes you feel, then it’s a good music and this album is exactly what it does.”

about Negociando Gasolina by La Fuga

Carlos Morales Pino

Client Manager, TV-AV

“This 1993 album is purely pioneering electronic music with a strange, tangy rock aftertaste. One of the best albums of its decade and definitely a timeless masterpiece.”

about Quique by Seefeel

APAC team

Paisit Pongpiachun

Client Manager, Thailand

“The high technical guitar sounds are out of this world”

about Loveless by My Bloody Valentine

Hajime Ishizaka

Client Service, Japan

“How many albums do I have that blow me back in the days when I bought music for the first time, when I played the electric guitar for the first time, and when I sneaked out in the midnight with friends for the first time? And how many left that I still listen to? This one was the one that I loved, and still I do.”

about And Justice For All by Metallica

Abel Farré

Client & Ops Support Manager, APAC

“I don’t know why…but sometimes we should not be questioned anything, just enjoy the music.. but maybe tomorrow will be Dark Side of the…you never know what your mind needs.”

about dark bird is home by Tallest man on the earth

Salman Aditya

Client Manager, Indonesia

“I first listened to it when I was in college.  Since then, the way I live my life has changed.”

about Led Zeppelin IV by Led Zeppelin

Koh Wan Yin


“Joanna Wang stars in my ‘Coffee Break Songs’ playlist where I imagine carefree Sunday afternoons reading in sidewalk cafes – nostalgically whimsical, with a touch of lightness like the autumn breeze.”

about The Things We Do For Love by Joanna Wang

IT team

José Aranda

IT Support

“I love the surreal lyrics of Manolo Garcia, how they use synths and spanish guitars alike.”

about Enemigos De Lo Ajeno by El Último De La Fila

Markus Koppenberger

Head of IT

“This album represents for me the roots of today’s electro-polka sound of Attwenger, a very special mix of traditional and modern music styles and instrumentation”

about Most by Attwenger

Stuart Taylor

Head of IT Operations

“For me it’s the epitome of the cool 70s west coast sound with superb jazz-fusion-inspired songwriting and playing, and lyrics that make me smile.”

about Aja by Steely Dan.

Oriol Magrané

Systems Engineer

“When I knew that this beautiful song being broadcasted over and over on the radio was performed by an ex-Beatle, it became clear to me that I had to own the whole disc. And even though my expectations were high, the damn LP easily overcame them. Nowadays I still listen to its songs once in a while to help me keep my spirit pure and healthy.”

about Cloud Nine by George Harrison

Recordings team

Enric Pou

Recordings IT Engineer

“Once, a friend of mine gave me a LP and said: “Just listen, relax and let yourself go”. Since then I love how this album gets my attention. I really recommend to listen to it in a dark room. Silence, chords and sound waves.”

about Wish You Were Here by Pink Floyd

Marco Piffanelli

Recordings IT Engineer

“It’s incredible how it’s just two of them and they sound so powerful! I love how Jack plays the guitar: so dirty and, at the same time, so clean. The way he uses the pedal “Whammy” is crazy! Believe me, listen to the “Ball and Biscuit” solos: they are amazing!”

about Elephant by The White Stripes

María Gibert

Recordings IT Engineer

“I came across this band with this album. Each song tells a short tale that I really enjoy listening to. It holds really good memories from my high school year.”

about Espècies per Catalogar by Els Amics De Les Arts.

Legal team

Celia Gutiérrez Díez

Legal & Business Affairs Manager

“ I love every single song of this one.”

about Sigh No More by Mumford and Sons

Giacomo Cortese

Head of Legal & Business Affairs

“I discovered this album thanks to an ex-girlfriend and since then I’ve had a crush on My Bloody Valentine, shoegaze and, later, on dream-pop. Songs like Soft As Snow or No More Sorry have been the soundtrack of many periods of my youth and Isn’t Anything is never lacking on my ipod.”

about Isn’t Anything by My Bloody Valentine

Broadcast team

Ruben Daymon

Client Manager

“The lyrics are so crisp yet meaningful and well-crafted and that mixed in with old school instrumental hip-hop infused jazz is simply sublime.”

about 16 pieces by Hocus Pocus

Claudia Montero

Software Developer

“The more I hear it the more I like it.”

about Times by David August

Isabela Muñoz

Client Manager, Broadcast

“I discovered Mr E with this album and he really makes amazing music by embracing the whole silver lining thing in life. I love all their albums, but this will always have that *fresh feeling* of a great first impression.”

about Beautiful Freak by Eels

Martina Bernardi

Client Manager, Broadcast

“A masterpiece! A perfect combination of soul, rock and glam, thanks to the unforgettable voice of Freddie and the extraordinary genius of his mates. This album was a gift my brother gave to me when I was a child and it marked me forever, introducing a universe of sounds and emotions into my life.”

about A Day at the Races by Queen

Jose Torrabadella

VP of Broadcast

“I discovered it in my teenage years through the SingStar my sister had got for Christmas. It led me to buy my first electric guitar and to spend entire afternoons playing every riff and solo in the album. The Darkness reminded me of classic rock bands such as Queen or AC/DC but with a fresh, modern vibe that instantly captivated me. It may not be the best album in the history of music but for me it meant the discovery of new musical horizons.”

about Permission to Land by The Darkness

Ramon Xuriguera Albareda

Software Developer

“After repeatedly listening to this album for a few months, I was thrilled to see the band at a prominent music festival. At the time I was unaware that Rhye’s singer is in fact Mike Milosh, so it was a true revelation when he started singing. I was in awe from the very first song.”

about Woman by Rhye

Oriol Corroto Sales

Recordings IT Technical Support

“This album was a revelation to me just when I decided to start learning music and tried to devote time to it. A double album where both sound quality and creativity are reflected in the meaning and personal memory of each song. It’s just great.”

about Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness by The Smashing Pumpkins

Oriol Romaní

Software Developer

“I discovered this album not a long time ago thanks to one of the musicians I admire the most. It is a set of Moog compositions to be played for growing plants and, as weird as it sounds, it is an amazing piece of music. It also reminds me of the great times we spent together in a recording studio we set up on a friend’s house living room, where we were playing this album to wake up.”

about Mother Earth’s Plantasia by Mort Garson

Clara Ayxandri

Client Manager, Broadcast

“This is the very first record I put on. I didn’t understand the lyrics at that time but I used to dance to it a lot. Years later (after discovering all LPs have a B side) I fell in love with the whole album. Delightful and inspiring, it made me discover Bowie and my interest for music grew from then. Besides that, I believe it is an album for all year round, with its loop of the rise and fall perfect at any time and in any place.”

about The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars by David Bowie

Kasia Odoj

Client Manager, Broadcast

“What I admire in this album is the contradiction of fragility and power. Jeff is experimenting with his vocal and the result is breathtaking! Oh, and his version of Hallelujah is better than the original with one of the best guitar intros ever.”

about Grace by Jeff Buckley

Software team

Pau Capella

Head of Software

“To keep your musical taste hygienic, you must listen to this album at least once a year”

about London Calling by The Clash

Cristian Lorenzo Martínez

Software Engineer

“High school: new friends… and new music. There was where I started to listen Rock Music and discover new bands. One day, I saw U2′s Achtung Baby on sales, took my pocket money and bought it for a mere 6 EUR. Since then, I have listened it hundreds of times and deserves a very special place in my memories: the first album that I bought and my introduction to a great band.”

about Achtung baby by U2

Borja Vidal Arqué

Software Engineer

“Listening Brothers in Arms always makes me remember mi childhood, when my parents used to play it at home. Mark Knopfler’s guitar and lyrics make ‘Far Away’, ‘Money For Nothing’ or ‘Walk Of Life’ some of those songs that one can never stop listening!”

about Brothers in Arms by Dire Straits

Iván Díaz

Senior backend developer

“When I was in high school, in the 90s, a friend let me listen to his headphones about a rock song from another era. “This is from the 70’s” he told me. The song was Stairway to heaven. Since then, I started to get interested in the rock of the 70s that opened my mind to other styles of music like blues, hard rock or heavy metal”

about Led Zeppelin IV by Led Zeppelin


Guerau Pasola

Software Developer

“It was one of the first electronic music albums that I discovered during my first foray into this genre. I enjoyed dancing many of their songs in the clubs of that time and even today, more than 10 years later, different radios from all over the world continue to play these songs.”

about Imagine by Armin van Bureen

Venues team

Balázs Képli

Venues Client Recordings

“This album was a real eye-opener experience to me and the very first introduction to electronic music after spending my first 17 years or so with classical and jazz music exclusively”

about BCD by Basic Channel

Colin Watson

Product Manager

“A beautifully produced, shameless trap album that smashes the trap genre into insanely poppy Eurodance to barely listenable experimental noise with a shrieking but somehow likeable guy rapping in Estonian and English. What’s not to like?.”

about ¥€$ by Tommy Cash.

Andrés Satué

Head of Venues Product

“I remember perfectly the first time I listened to this album on the street with my mp3, it was an experience. These guys just manipulate the sound as if they were doing it with their own hands. The most powerful music I have ever listened to.”

about Demiurge by Emptyset

Meritxell Arbiol

Venues Recordings Intern

“I can not explain why I love this artist, is because of the way that I perceive his messages. For me, each word of his songs fits perfectly. He transmits more than just a song, he is a poet who transmit me feelings and emotions. The same way, he can also explain a story, but in a different way than the others.”

about ÷ by Ed Sheeran

Digital team

Veronica Wallangen

Operations Engineer

“It has chill sounds and that happy vibe that I enjoy.”

about Panorama Pacifico by Satin Jackets

Ludwig Rucker

Digital Client Manager Intern

“This album has had a huge influence on me as an artist and has led me to start expressing myself musically in many different genres alongside my classical music career”

about Deep Blue by Parkway Drive

Ines Vilar

Operations Engineer

“I love all the intros and outros of the songs and his lyrics in general”

about Good kid M.A.A.D city by Kendrick Lamar

Raja Harb

Digital Client Manager

“This album was something that was never seen before at the time blending pop, rock and electronic music and it’s one of the main reasons I started listening to all genres of music.”

about Discovery by Daft Punk

Flávia Teixeira

Digital Client Manager

“One of the oldest and dearest memories I have from my childhood is me sitting on my mum’s lap trying to sing “Wouldn’t It Be Nice”, the intro song of that old vinyl that was always playing on Saturday mornings. Nowadays “Pet Sounds” is still an album that I listen often, specially when I’m down. The rhythms, harmonies and the overall good vibe of the album always put a smile in my face.”

about Pet Sounds by The Beach Boys

Rodolfo Illada

Software Developer

“I can’t say that it’s the best, but it’s unique”

about Love Over Gold by  Dire Straits

Josep Homs

Software Developer

“It was the first live show that I attended when I was a teenager. It brings back nice memories of those years.”

about Employment by Kaiser Chiefs

Jordi Ortolá

Software Engineer

“My favorite band is Snarky Puppy, because of their fresh, lightweight, yet brilliant approach to modern jazz. My favorite album is Sylva, by Snarky Puppy and the Metropole Orchestra.”

about Sylva by Snarky Puppy

Llorenç Solé

Operations Engineer

“They are excellent musicians and they propose an alternative funky jazz music live recorded. I recommend to hear it!”

About We like it Here by Snarky Puppy

Aleix Claramunt

Software Developer

“I was amazed by this album because it was a combination of rap, tecno, rock, ska… that at the same time brought me back to my childhood. I spent this summer listening this album over and over.”

about Tempestes venen del Sud by Zoo

Jakue López Armendáriz

VP Digital

“This album opened my mind musically. It is one of the flagship albums of a wave of producers, all with a Hip Hop background, that started experimenting with Electronic. It represents a special period of time, when I became more eager to discover new music.”

about Drink the Sea by The Glitch Mob

Emma Beldent

Digital Operations Lead

“Berlin Calling is the first movie my colleagues made me watch when I started working in the electronic music industry. I fell in love with the soundtrack.
The album was originally released on Ellen Allien’s label BPitch Control. Although it got so popular that some purists might consider it as ‘mainstream’, it is still for me a reference in terms of minimal, melodic techno.”

about Berlin Calling OST by Paul Kalkbrenner

Charts team

Elies Delgado Tamarit

Software Developer

“This is the album that introduced me to Foals back in 2013. To me, this work has the ability to grab your attention with a couple of shiny hits –“My Number” and “Inhaler”–, and then, once you are convinced to explore it further, it delights you with some more hidden gems, such as the majestically conceived “Late Night”, or an energetic “Providence”.”

about Holy Fire by Foals

Josefina Estevez

Software Developer

“It was one of the live concerts which most amazed me”

about The Wall by Pink Floyd


Enric Calabuig

Head of Charts

“To me, this is the best house album ever, period! I also have a special relationship with it as it soundtracked my last solo trip. I love how it tells a continuous story and how elements from funk and soul music are mixed in unpredictable ways. I hope to find a copy of the vinyl someday!”

about Moodymann by Moodymann

Gabriel Ferrate

Software Developer

“Despite of knowing this album for a short period of time, when I hear it, it moves me somewhere else and I can do to it in almost every situation (with friends, studying, reading…). In my opinion, Soft Hair is the contemporary equivalent to Pink Floyd, which I love too.”

About Soft Hair, by Soft Hair

Innovation team

Sara García

Innovation Engineer

“Each lyric evokes you to a unique moment, feeling and place. Without a doubt, an example that if you put your whole heart into something that you are passionate about, you will be able to learn from every obstacle that you find on your way and reach the top.”

about x by Ed Sheeran

Gonçal Calvo i Pérez

Head of Innovation

“The music of these sonatas has the complexity of Bach, the clarity of Haydn, the lyricism of Schubert, the depth of the best Brahms and especially the sound of the cello, the instrument with which I have spent so many hours and good moments. It moves me every time I listen to it.”

about Johannes Brahms: Die Cellosonaten by Mstislav Rostropovich, Rudolf Serkin

France team

Eva Pigeon

Business and Operations Manager

“I discovered this album at the time when I really started diving into music. It is now one of my musical shelters, I know it by heart but never got tired of it. The duo mixes rock, folk and symphonic pop to create a dramatic, cinematic atmosphere made even more unique thanks to Alex Turner’s writing. You get carried throughout the entire album from its epic start to its sweet, melancholic finish.”

about The Age of the Understatement by The Last Shadow Puppets

Eric Denis

Product Manager

“Probably the most influential album in my own musical path alongide some albums of Radiohead. Back in high school, it contributed to open up my horizons to hip-hop and electronic music, which are today my biggest loves. I regularly come back to this one and still enjoy it as much today even after 3000 listens.”

about Londinium by Archive

Zoé Renié

Product Support

“The title on this album is no incident. There are many ways one can travel through it. I’m never tired of listening to this music, deep polyrhythmic soulful sounds with great transitions and brilliant arrangements. A trip through various influences that brings you places that remind you of something but at the same time totally new.”

about Choose your Weapon by Hiatus Kaiyote

LATAM team

Miguel Voces

LATAM Regional Sales Manager

“With this album, I discovered this great band”

about Magia y Efectos Especiales by Izal

Ramon Llorente

Content Engineer

“This album left a deep mark on me from the years I started playing guitar with my brother and our first band. Although it represents the final stage of the band, I think it has the best songs.”

about The White Album by The Beatles





Flavio Mondaini


“After years of listening to this album, I still enjoy its vibrant energy and find new production details every time… Santana’s signature playing, the band and the featured artists (Eric Clapton, Rob Thomas, Maná, Lauryn Hill, Dave Matthews and others) give it all. The diversity  of genres is outstanding while still making sense as a whole.”

about Supernatural by Santana

William Miranda

Business Development Latin America

“In the 90’s it was ‘Vitalogy’ by Pearl Jam and ‘Born In The U.S.A.’ by Bruce Springsteen in the 80’s. However a decade earlier it was Peret and his self-title album release in 72, and that without knowing the Barcelona connection. Tracks such as ‘Tracatrá’ and ‘Si Yo Fuera Rico’, have stayed with me all this time, bringing back memories of my grandma playing it on the radiola.”

about Peret (1972) by Peret

Agustina Rossi

Client Manager, Latam

“I was 10 years old when I first listened to this album. The best part of it is Freddie Mercury’s magic voice and the virtuosity as a whole. I am still deeply moved by “My Melancholy Blues”. Queen always makes me dream, sing and dance. My favourite group of all times!”

about News of the World by Queen

R&D team

Sergio Malagón

R&D Operations Engineer

“It was the first metal album that I listened to and it opened a whole new world to me. Listening to the record is like an adventure full of energy and melody. That is what made me pick up a guitar and start a band. A masterpiece.”

about Master of Puppets by Metallica

Alex Ciurana Aguilar

Research Engineer

“This album perfectly combines a fierce attitude, a hectic instrumental, and foremost, an example of great modern poetry. It’s disruptive, radical, confrontational…pure art. Go, Rimbaud!”

about Horses by Patti Smith

Emilio Molina Martínez

Research Engineer

“This album was a recurrent soundtrack in my daily life some years ago, and still today it conveys to me the nice sensation of being in the middle of an icy landscape through a collection of rich, colorful, and very well-produced songs.”

about Ágætis Byrjun by Sigur Rós

Blai Meléndez Catalán

Research Engineer

“When I listen to some of its songs, they reach so deep down that they might as well be talking to my soul.”

about Hozier by Hozier

Repertoire team

Javier Alonso Rubio

Data Engineer

“This band changed the way I understand music, in all its dimensions. Both their debut album and this one are masterpieces in their own right”

about II by Phuture Doom

Aitor Bouzas

Full-Stack Developer

“I think I first found Vulfpeck in related videos while listening to some Snarky Puppy or Louis Cole on Youtube. Once I heard Disco Ulysses and its bass lines I fell completely in love with their music. Cory Wong is an inspiring funk guitar player and a living proof of how this style can sound modern and classic at the same time. It’s so funky and it’s low volume!”

about Hill Climber by Vulfpeck

Herman Sifuna

Full-Stack Developer

“It invokes nostalgia and a sense of optimism, it’s a steady paced ode to life”

about Tree Bursts In Snow by Admiral Fallow



Oriol Alfonso

Data Engineer

“This album, apart from how good I think it is, also has the participation of two big guys in Spanish rock music scene, Fito Cabrales in “Pan Duro” and Robe in “En Tu Agujero”, details that give that plus to the whole pack of master songs”

about Besos de Perro by Marea

Carlos De Las Heras

Full-Stack Developer

“Some mystic power led me to listen to it for the first time with headphones in a dimly-lit room and it was literally a mind-blowing experience. Everything is just all over the place and yet right where it should be. The whole prog-post-grunge-brit-rock-metal whatchamacallit this short-lived band produced is just right up my alley and I still discover something new each time I listen to it”

about Effloresce by Oceansize

Roger Ribas

Content Engineer

“I have listened to this album since I was 15 and I have never get tired of it. It is really psychedelic, poppy and crazy and the 12 minute song Siberian Breaks it’s my favourite song of all time.”

about Congratulations by MGMT

Edgar Álvarez

Devops Engineer

“Since I first heard “Diversité” (their first album) in an improvised trip with my flatmates, I thought Dub Inc provided the perfect mixture of Reggae and Dub, two music styles I enjoyed but I had never listened to them together. This group gets to combine these two with some other styles, such as dancehall, ska or hip-hop, always making references to their French-Algerian origins”

about Paradise by Dub Inc

Jordi Feliu

Data Engineer

“Since I discovered this album, I listen to it when I need to relax and leave my mind blank. Many nights I fall asleep by listening to it and, sometimes, Miles Davis’ trumpet wakes me up with its blares but I do not care because it is Davis’s trumpet.”

about Kind of Blue by Miles Davis

David Martínez Vargas

Content Engineer

“From the title of the cd until the last second of the last song is a poem. All lyrics have a special meaning or something to show you.”

about Jaio.Musika.Hil by Berri Txarrak

Òscar del Álamo i Guaus

Content Engineer

“This album brings me back to school, when music started to have a powerful meaning in my life and it has been that way ever since. I have to thank Pau for showing me these great artists.”

about Two Shoes by The Cat Empire​

Dídac Pascual Mir

Content Engineer

“This record is a unique piece of work that mixes in a very creative way elements from electronic, soul and other genres. Its discovery led me to explore and listen to different electronic music subgenres and jazz.
It is the perfect album to play in loop and disconnect from everything, whether you are working, travelling or just doing nothing.”

about Built on Glass by Chet Faker

Alicia Valero

Data Engineer

“When I first listened to this album, I thought that maybe it was not for me. It seemed too strange and inaccessible. But then one day I listened to it again and I was overwhelmed. Everything is so well-thought, from its intricate lyrics to its sophisticated melodies and arrangements. It’s a cerebral album, but it’s also packed with intensity, emotion and a rare beauty.”

about Ys by Joanna Newsom

US team

Mario Asensio

US Intern

“His lyrics and voice set him apart from other R&B artists. He can evoke emotions through his music unlike any singer”

about Goodbye & Good Riddance by Juice WRLD

Naseer Slets

Business Support

“When I was in high school I had the opportunity to record on three of the tracks from this album. I had always been such a huge fan of Chance because he is from my home city and a Chicago hero. He has dedicated his life to music excellence and giving back to his community. Every time I hear any song from this album it takes me back to feeling inspired by music, which is the best feeling in the entire world”

about Coloring Book by Chance the Rapper

Mili Cuckic

Venues BizDev Manager

“This album is such a wonderful blend of jazz, acoustics, country and a melancholic yet romantic vocals by Norah. This type of slow beat music is not necessarily always in match with my dynamic personality, but the album when listened in its entirety, just brings me to a peaceful (and) still playful atmosphere. I relax listening to her voice, to emotions that come out of the lyrics and it also sometimes takes me back to my teenage years and falling in love”

about Come Away With Me by Norah Jones

Dani Balcells

Business Development Manager

“This album is much more than the historical talent and beautiful production is brings together: it instantly takes you to a place where life moves at a different pace. Listening to it is a one hour trip back home”

About Buena Vista Social Club, by Buena Vista Social Club

Italy team

Tommaso Pavarini

Client Operations Support

“It’s a compilation, that’s true, but also the best-selling album of all time in the UK and the most-played album in my bedroom”.

about Greatest Hits by Queen

Eros Blanco

Italy Country Manager

“A medicine. An oneiric drug. A delightful journey, carried away only by music. No words. Just music that lets you the freedom to dream whatever you want. I listened to it thousands of times and I was afraid to get tired of it. But it never happened.”

about Le Fabuleux Destin d’Amelie Poulain by Yann Tiersen