Whether you are an authoring, master, performer, mechanical or audiovisual Collective Management Organization,
 we can help you.

Music monitoring

Our music monitoring service covers the audio identification across radios, TVs and venues globally with our in-house solution based on audio fingerprinting technology.
We enrich the match reports with the customers’ identification codes and thus provide tailored reports to our clients.

Music identifications

We work with more than 100 CMOs in 134 countries and report them all the music identifications together with the metadata that describes who gets paid for it.

Enlarge your distribution base

We provide music usage reports 24/7 over thousands of broadcasted programmes over radios, TVs and music venues. We receive about 35 thousand music tracks as daily updates to our database via our agreements with digital music aggregators, creators’ auto-upload system or content transfer directly from the CMOs.

Increase your documentation match

The automatic content recognition serves our music recognition service that can deliver up to 500% more unique works compared to statistical or playlist-based methods. Our metadata consistent reports have proven to increase the automatic match ratio against societies’ documentation by up to 40%, as well as reduce manual work duties by 50%. 

Track down the music usage via Vericast

We perform music tracking across 3 main types of repertoire - production music, commercial music and film and TV repertoire - and we deliver the results in our own music identification and monitoring service, Vericast. Our clients have access to an online account and an API key that gives them the possibility to connect Vericast directly to their own system. Our online platform shows real-time music identification and allows the detection of millions of music tracks globally. It provides reports with a default format, although each account is customised according to the type of client.

IMRO is working with BMAT to monitor in real time Irish works being broadcast in key overseas markets – we are very happy with the results of our collaboration to date and enjoy working with the BMAT team who perfectly understand our requirements.
Seán Donegan
Director of Broadcast, Online & International Licensing

Track your repertoire abroad

Understanding the relevance of the repertoire you represent abroad can help you grow trustworthy international relationships. We can provide music and audiovisual airplay data across 134 different countries in all continents.

Report to members in real time

We help bring transparency to the music royalties distribution process enabling accounts for society members. Authors, publishers, labels, performers, can log into the dashboard to check their plays in real time and forecast their revenues.

Entrust us your back-office music rights claiming solution

Our full cycle digital distribution service -PRONTO- offers improved efficiency and transparency all along the chain, from the reception of digital usage Reports to the invoicing (CCID). It is designed to excel in scalability, matching, and speed of processing.

Process digital sales reports within hours

Every hour we process 100 million sales from YouTube, Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon and 40 more DSPs. Every month we process billions of transactions from all major music and audiovisual digital services. Using contextual metadata and audio fingerprinting technologies we reach the highest matching ratios, even with poor metadata quality, such as in user-generated content services.

BMAT's Full Cycle Digital Distribution Service, PRONTO

Generate official digital charts

Music producers have given us the power to chart digital streams in 13 countries so far: India, Singapore, Malaysia, Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Nicaragua and Panama. We report tracks across iTunes, Apple Music, Deezer, Google Play, Napster, Spotify, KKBOX, Kuack, Gaana and Saavn. 

Identify live music in concerts

We identify live music in concerts and also report live music setlists so that you can complement the info you might have received from promoters by replacing manual processes with automatic services and thus provide internal teams with efficient solutions. We can tell you the setlist with each song’s metadata, the ticket price, and each gig’s date and time. 

Identify music in venues

We enable 2 different solutions that could actually be combined to help distribute licenses to more members and genres. They both replace burdensome audio deliveries with automatic and direct deliveries for audio identification from music clubs. We either install a small device in the venues to help identify the music they play, or we give access to our mobile phone app Patti - thanks to the agile recording, it’s an adaptable solution to increase the number of licensees as it enables the monitoring of nationwide panels of venues. We clean and enrich reports of background music replacing analogies with true identifications. Our partnership with PioneerDJ’s KUVO app helps you increase the match rates for an underrepresented genre as the electronic music could be. Our reporting solution is based on digital reporting that avoids installation and technical maintenance cost.

Music identification mobile Vericast app