Whether you are an authoring, master, performer, mechanical or audiovisual Collective Management Organization,
 we can help you.

Enlarge your distribution base

We provide music usage reports 24/7 over thousands of broadcasts and venues. Our music recognition service can deliver up to 500% more unique works compared to statistical or playlist based methods.

Increase your documentation match

Our metadata consistent reports have proven to increase the automatic match ratio against Societies’ documentation by up to 40%, as well as reduce manual work duties by 50%.


Process digital sales report within hours

We process monthly billions of transactions from all major music and audiovisual digital services. Using contextual metadata and fingerprint technologies we reach the highest matching ratios, even with poor metadata quality, such as in user generated content services.


Young and smart company, BMAT played a fundamental role in setting up ARMONIA, the big hub for online music processing, bringing technology, expertise and passion for result and innovation.
Leonardo Beltri
CIO of SIAE Italy

Report to members in real time

We help bring transparency to the distribution process enabling accounts for Society members. Authors, publishers, labels, performers, can log into the dashboard to check their plays in real time and forecast their revenues.


Track your repertoire abroad

Understanding the relevance of your repertoire abroad can help you grow trustworthy international relationships. We can provide music and audiovisual airplay data across 134 different countries in all continents.

Solve claim conflicts

Conflicts are a pain in the bass for everyone. We have built platforms that allow Society members to self-manage and resolve disputes among them.