Broadcasters / Production Houses / Picture Houses

Whether you are a radio, a television, a channel, a communication group, and whether you broadcast analog, digital, cable or satellite, we can help you.

Monitor the music you use

We monitor music across 1500 television channels and 5000 radio stations globally. We report all identifications together with the metadata that describes who gets paid for their plays. We deliver complete usage reports so your license fees impact on those artists contributing to your activity.
Our service for broadcasters is designed to provide them with automated music monitoring and reporting solutions to ensure a comprehensive and efficient reporting process, reduce manual work, and maximize music publishing income.

Use our business intelligence solution

We provide production and picture houses with business intelligence statistics per channel. At a programming level, we calculate the percentage of advertisements, own productions and external productions. At a music level, we calculate the percentage of music by source - own broadcaster’s library music or external.

Report to CMOs

Reporting music usage to Copyright Organizations can become an exhausting and time-consuming task for the creators. So, we take care of the entire process. We create the music logs, enrich the user metadata to fulfil quality requirements, and deliver them to CMOs.

Use our Content Management System

Our content management system (CMS) allows broadcasters to fully manage their music libraries and archives through a search-driven web interface. It includes centralised music catalogue management with the possibility to export the catalogues in any industry format. Also, an external web service is available to producers to easily search and download your music they could then use in their productions. They can search and navigate through your catalogue by metadata, tags and similarity, and they can create playlists, add tracks to existing playlists, and share them with other users.

Create and manage cue sheets with our service CUED

We go one step further in music tracking with cue sheet based distribution thanks to our service, CUED. We automate the generation of cue sheets and music reports for your linear and online broadcasts, take care of completing the metadata to fulfil quality requirements, and deliver them to CMOs. We also digitise standard PDF cue sheets and make their processing more agile.
CUED is a service that assists audiovisual producers to report their music usage over movies, series, documentaries, TV shows, advertisements and infomercials. We help television producers generate cue sheets of their audiovisual works. We upload an audio, video or EDL file of the audiovisual production to CUED, thus automatically generating its cue sheets. We then enable the internal producers to edit, modify, and approve them before submission. As the last step, we deliver them to the copyright organisation the producer reports to. We link Audiovisual Producers, Publishers, and Copyright Organizations, and better the data pipelines that bridge them.