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11th December 2019

Our partnership with IMPF means our music monitoring services are being introduced to independent music publishers around the world. We’re glad to be recommended within a community where the best practices within music publishing are shared, and to be their neutral source of data for online, TV and radio monitoring, film and TV tracking, and advertisements.

TONO 68% ad identification

8th October 2019

We delivered reports to TONO Norway with matched data from our music identification service, and, after completing their process of ads identification for 2018, and thanks to our enriched reports, TONO are now distributing royalties for 68% of ad identification.

The Artist Wallet

30th September 2019

With Teosto and Revelator we're exploring a future of paying artists their royalties faster. Revelator's blockchain-powered platform, the Artist Wallet, makes use of Teosto’s documentation and our real-time monitoring data. Our recent pilot showed us that it’s really within our reach to speed up how royalties are paid.


22nd July 2019

We’ve expanded across the pond. We’ve opened up a new office in the USA, and we now have representatives on each coast, in New York and Los Angeles, for all your BMAT USA needs. 

BMAT presents Bloomen and FuturePulse at Sonar+D

15th July 2019

This year, we're at Sonar+D in Barcelona, presenting our projects Bloomen, FuturePulse and BMAT Venues. We'll be talking about blockchain for music, trend analytics and music monitoring in venues.

BMAT, Winner of SME (PYME) of 2019

10th July 2019

We have been named SME of the year for Barcelona. We were granted the award based on Innovation, Internationalisation, Digitisation and Responsible Business. We’re also now in the running for SME of Spain 2020, so watch out for us. Read more about it here. 

BMAT launches Patti app

22nd June 2019

We’ve launched our new smart phone app to identify music in venues and other public spaces. Each authorised user of our app can select the venue they are in, check conditions, press play and start recording. The audios are then sent for identification. Patti helps capture the uniquely rich repertoire found in venues. 

BMAT compiles first ever official Indian charts

6th May 2019

We are compiling India’s first ever official charts alongside IFPI and IMI. The all-genre, 50-position list will be based on all streams and radio airplay within the country of 22 official languages. We look forward to seeing the positive impact this will have on the Indian music industry. Read more about it here.

Recent BMAT electronic integrations

15th April 2019

We have recently ingested more than 200,000 releases from leading labels such as Toolroom, Black Hole, Defected, Cr2, Empire, Ninja Tune, Monstercat, Kompakt, AEI Media, Hospital Records and AnjunaBeats. Adding these rights holders to the thousands who already continue to rely on us to monitor their music has got us feeling electric.

BMAT to Report Live Music Setlists

10th August 2018

BMAT starts reporting live music setlists. These will allow PROs to enrich the reports received from concert promoters, adding each song’s metadata and other relevant info such as ticket price or the gig’s time and date.

BMAT, Provider of Official Digital Charts

10th August 2018

Music producers have appointed BMAT to be their official digital provider of charts in 7 countries -Singapore, Malaysia, Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, Chile and Colombia-, compiling the information from sources like iTunes, Apple Music, Deezer, Google Play, Napster, Spotify, and KKBOX.

BMAT, Provider of ARD/ZDF

10th July 2018

BMAT wins a public tender in Germany to help the public consortium ARD/ZDF/Deutschlandradio report their music usage to the German PROs GEMA and GVL. On January 2019 the Spanish software company will start providing a central audio fingerprinting system to more than 40 TV channels and 70 radio stations.  

KUVO and BMAT partnership contributes to AFEM’s Get Played Get Paid campaign

9th July 2018

Pioneer DJ partnered with BMAT to efficiently deliver KUVO data to as many PROs as possible. As of December 2018, 14 leading PROs in 11 territories across 3 continents are receiving KUVO data. Mark Grotefeld, General Manager – Marketing, of Pioneer DJ Europe Ltd, says, “We’re delighted to be working with BMAT to help distribute our free KUVO data to PROs globally. This partnership is vital to ensure we achieve some degree of scale in the distribution of KUVO data and thus aid in the accuracy of distribution of royalties to underrepresented electronic music producers.” Read what the performing rights organisations are saying about KUVO here:

BMAT Launches Labrador

10th June 2018

Labrador is the app to help rights-holders and platforms interact more efficiently, finding repertoire usages in UUC platforms that may have gone unnoticed, and turning them into additional income for owners.  

BMAT launches CUED

10th May 2018

CUED is a service to help audiovisual producers report their music usage over movies, series, documentaries, TV shows, advertisements, infomercials… After uploading audio, video or EDL file of an audiovisual production, CUED automatically generates its cue sheet and delivers to the specified organisations.

CMO Musicautor outsources its digital report processing to BMAT

1st March 2018

BMAT's service PRONTO Full Cycle was selected by the Bulgarian CMO MUSICAUTOR to increase its efficiency in the digital report processing. BMAT will handle the full cycle, from DSPs reception up to the claiming and invoicing stages. CCIDs have already been accepted and confirmed by DSPs like YouTube.

BMAT grows in Africa

31st January 2018

BMAT and Ivorian CMO, BURIDA, sign an agreement to monitor TV channels, radio stations and venues across Ivory Coast. The deal expands BMAT's network in the African continent and becomes the first approach of the company to West Africa.  

BMAT partners with KOBALT

22nd January 2018

BMAT will monitor hundreds of radio stations across Latin America for Kobalt Music Group.

That Thing We Do

28th November 2017

BMAT launches its corporate blog to tell you That Thing We Do, wondering about music, technology, copyright and the life in between.

BMAT, Coordinator of Future Pulse

4th September 2017

BMAT, leader in music monitoring, will coordinate Future Pulse Project for the next three years. The European Project, framed within Horizon 2020, gathers some of the most innovative players of the music industry, ranging from academic and researching organisations to user-orientated companies: Athens Technology Center, Playground Music Scandinavia, Bass Nation, Soundtrack Your Brand, IRCAM (Institut de Recherche et de Coordination Acoustique Musique) and Musimap. Future Pulse aims to increase music platforms’ added value by providing users with a different and more effective system of music recommendation. It will leverage a variety of music data and content through sophisticated analytics and predictive modelling services. It will lead to highly informed business decisions to better understand audiences and the music trends of the future, and ultimately to make music distribution more effective and profitable. During September, 26th and 27th the first technical meetings will be held in Barcelona.

BMAT partners in Future Pulse, Bloomen and MILC

1st September 2017

BMAT announces its participation in Future Pulse, Bloomen and MILC, within Horizon 2020. These three European projects will stimulate BMAT’s growth in three of its primary areas of research and development, such as music recommendation, blockchain and live music identification. For the next three years, BMAT will be cooperating with key players from the European investigation field to explore new products and services that improve music usage. Future Pulse, coordinated by BMAT, aims to increase music platforms’ added value by providing users with a different and more effective system of music recommendation. Bloomen applies blockchain technology to the music creation, sharing, personalized consumption, monetization and copyrighting. MILC will set the basis for a cutting-edge music monitoring service for public venues and on-line platforms.

“24% of our income is invested in R&D”

25th July 2017

Our Legal Department talks about how we protect our software and why patents are important for us. The interview is available here.

BMAT partners with Chinese MCSC

14th July 2017

BMAT will start to monitor Chinese TV channels for the Music Copyright Society of China, MCSC.

BMAT and AIE partner for VRDB

4th July 2017

Spanish Performers’ Association AIE trusts BMAT’s data expertise to curate sound recording’s data to feed SCAPR's project VRDB, orientated to ease works' identification and exchange of information.

Digital Charts

30th May 2017

BMAT is the official digital chart data compiler for IFPI groups in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Malaysia and Singapore.

BMAT and PioneerDJ

15th May 2017

BMAT signs with PioneerDJ to report metadata collected by KUVO in clubs worldwide to Performing Rights Organisations.

BMAT collaborating with EGEDA

2nd February 2017

BMAT takes part in 2016 talks about the Iberoamerican Audiovisual Scene, organised by EGEDA (Services Society for Audiovisual Producers).

BMAT is awarded with La Caixa Entrepreneurial Recognition

8th January 2017

The XXI edition has chosen BMAT as one of the most outstanding companies due to its labour to boost transparency and efficiency in the music industry.

Treat Music Well and Music Will Treat You Well

19th December 2016

What plays around will come around, we say, and for the last 10 years we've worked with you to achieve it. We wish you a 2017 full of new projects, fantastic moments and good karma for your loved ones!


20th October 2016

After a fantastic first edition, we are hosting the second SUMMUS on October 24th-25th in Barcelona. Click here to check the panels.

BMAT partners with GDA

17th October 2016

Portuguese Neighbouring Rights Society GDA will share BMAT real time data with its members.


5th September 2016

Our digital copyright processing platform PRONTO show its charm and speed in its alpha release.