How Venues Turn Into Revenues

After a night out on the town, we decided to do some research on how music identification systems used at venues might have an impact on the revenue generated in the indie music scene. Results show that music played at venues increase the industry’s long-tail and provide a significant source of income for non-mainstream artists….

The World of Sound Effects

When we started to develop our audio fingerprinting technology, we made sure it worked with every sound we recorded but we still had a way ahead to delve into its nuts and bolts and overcome some of the oddities of our industry. This leads us on to the fascinating world of sound effects. Some weeks…

Audio Fingerprinting, How We Identify Songs.

Our motto is “We hear everything everywhere and tell everyone who wants to know.” Something we don’t mention so often but we feel equally proud of is how we do it: audio fingerprinting. It’s literally our identity sign, the system that allows us to identify 52 years of audio against 60M sound recordings every day….

How We Built Our Brand – Part 2: Our Colours Are a Soundtrack

Our web, our catalogues, our blog and our newsletter, they all shine at certain light frequencies, the colours of BMAT. In our first How we built our brand we explained the story behind our logo, here we want to explain the story behind our brand palette. Etymologically, the term music refers to the arts of muses….

How We Built Our Brand – Part 1: Our Logo is a Gig

Everyone, everything, every brand, has its own personality. Personality builds on values and beliefs and maps out through everything you do, everything you say and everything you show. BMAT was founded on the strong belief that our technology and passion as innovators could help artists get the recognition they deserve. This is the story of…